Assange will agree to extradition to the US in exchange for a pardon, the informant WikiLeaks manning

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange prepared to agree to extradition to the US under the condition of a pardon by the us authorities informant of the organization, the former American privates Bradley manningnow known as Chelsea manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison, writes

«If (US President Barack) Obama will manage to pardon manning, Assange will consent to extradition to the US, despite the clear unconstitutionality filed by the Ministry of justice of the case», — stated in the message, published Thursday on the official WikiLeaks page in Twitter.

Back in September of last year, WikiLeaks announced that Assange is willing to serve a prison sentence in the U.S., if in exchange, President Barack Obama pardoned the informant website of Bradley manning.

This week broadcaster NBC reported that Obama has made Chelsea manning in the list of persons applying for commutation of sentence. According to TASS, manning was sent to the Obama a petition to reduce his prison term. In December it was reported that an online petition calling for a retrial manning has collected 100 thousand signatures necessary for consideration in the White house.

Chelsea manning, formerly known as Bradley manning, is in detention since 2013. In 2014, the court granted the request of private manning to change his male name to female Bradley Chelsea. In 2015, the soldier-transgender was allowed to undergo hormone therapy.

According to U.S. authorities, a former soldier gave WikiLeaks more than 700 thousand military and diplomatic documents and videos relating to American military operations in Iraq in 2009-2010.

The organization WikiLeaks last year urged Obama to pardon before the expiration of his presidential term manning, and former U.S. intelligence officer Edward Snowden.

Julian Assange lives in the Embassy of Ecuador in London in 2012. He requested asylum in the Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is suspected of crimes of a sexual nature. Assange denies all the accusations and calls them politically motivated. He fears that Sweden will deport him to the USA, where the Australian faces up to 35 years in prison or the death penalty for publication of secret documents of the state Department.

Assange will agree to extradition to the US in exchange for a pardon, the informant WikiLeaks manning 13.01.2017

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