Assange ready for extradition to the US in exchange for the immediate release of manning

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the easing of U.S. President Barack Obama of the sentence the informant of the organization Chelsea manning (Bradley Manning), despite the previously unheard of promises, still not going to agree to extradition to the United States. His lawyers now claim that Assange was ready for extradition in exchange for the immediate release of the former American privates who received in 2013 a 35-year prison sentence, not a pardon, as stated earlier.

Assange’s lawyer Barry Polak explained that for mitigation of the sentence manning is not enough. «There is no doubt that President Obama did what he wanted Assange, said the lawyer representing the WikiLeaks founder in the US (quoted by CBS News). — Assange said that Chelsea was not to prosecute, to sentence to a prison term for decades and should have been immediately set free».

Also representing Assange lawyer Melinda Taylor has agreed in the email that Obama’s decision on commutation of sentence «was far from, as requested by Assange and then manning deserves (which should be pardoned and released immediately)».

The message about the willingness of Assange to be ekstrudirovannyy in the United States in exchange for a pardon, manning by the us authorities appeared on the official WikiLeaks page in Twitter last week. «If (President Barack) Obama will manage to pardon manning, Assange will consent to extradition to the US, despite the clear unconstitutionality filed by the Ministry of justice of the case», — stated in the message. The words «immediate» and «liberation» in a tweet were not available.

However, Pollak insists that the promise Assange was obvious, Recalling that previously the founder of WikiLeaks asked for pardon. «Why would he be asking for the release of manning in a few months from now? You can interpret his tweets any way you want. I think his position was clear throughout,» concluded the lawyer.

Indeed, in a Twitter organization in September 2016, was published the same request: «If Obama would grant Manning a pardon, Assange will agree to a prison sentence in the United States — despite its explicit illegality». In both cases you used the word «clemency», which means «clemency of the convicted person».

Meanwhile, in the future US administration, which assumed its powers on January 20, do not welcome the commutation manning. Elected Vice-President of the United States Michael Pence called the error corresponding to Obama’s decision, reports RIA «Novosti». «A commutation of sentence to the ordinary Manning was a mistake, private manning is a traitor, and shouldn’t have turned him into a Martyr. His actions have compromised U.S. national security and jeopardized American soldiers. I very much disagree with the decision of the President», — said the politician.

On the eve of President Barack Obama made the decision to reduce a sentence for the WikiLeaks informant, the former American ordinary Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea manning. Now convicted will be released may 17, 2017, not in 2045. Seven years of his term she has already served. Obama explained the reduced sentence «disproportionate» punishment.

Assange ready for extradition to the US in exchange for the immediate release of manning 19.01.2017

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