Assad with the help of the Russians encircled Aleppo. Turkey may intervene

Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu said that his country intends to protect the Syrian Aleppo, calling it a settling of the historic debt, according to Turkish «Anadolu»Agency.

On the market in Damascus explosion, there are victims
The fall of Aleppo could be the final war in Syria — Stratfor

«We’ll get our historic debt. Once our brothers from Aleppo defended our city to Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, now we will protect the heroic Aleppo. Behind him the defenders of the whole of Turkey», — quotes Agency the words of Davutoglu, said during a speech at the meeting of the parliamentary faction headed by the ruling Party of justice and development.

The Syrian troops on offensive positions of the opponents of Assad and the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state» (IG) continues. Government forces are now on the outskirts of the village of tell Rifa’at, the last major stronghold of militants North of Aleppo.

Davutoglu drew attention to the situation in Northern Syria, where daily bombing kills innocent people.

«People are dying, cities destroyed, people crowds leave the house. The regime of Bashar al-Assad and Russia every day dropping bombs on the heads of innocent people, destroy their homes,» he said.

He focused on the fact that Turkey has accumulated tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing the death and bombing.

«We know about where it is dropped, each bomb dropped by Russia. We feel the pain of Aleppo in our hearts», — said Davutoglu.

According to him, against the Syrians now fighting not only the regime’s forces, but the militants of the movement «Hezbollah» and irregular troops from Iran and Russia.

«Imagine the people and the population of Aleppo, which is still resisting the onslaught of Iran, Russia and Syrian forces. Since world war II humanity has never seen so much of cruelty and sorrow,» said Davutoglu.

Before regime forces regained control of settlement Kvin, five kilometers from the tell Rifa’at the, knocking out the terrorists from the group «dzhebhat EN-Nusra». The fighting in this border region with Turkey are the Kurdish forces that liberated from extremists in recent days, four villages of Deir Jamal, Marinas, ez-Tiara and Krabi.

Syrian forces have been successful in the Northern outskirts of Latakia, where they took control of the towns of al-Khor, Llasat, Coovadia and Wadi al-Azraq. Army troops and militias surround Kansau — last fortified area of the enemy.

Foreign media previously reported that in the battles attended by the Russian military instructors.

The fall of Aleppo could be the final war in Syria — Stratfor

With the support of the Russian air force, the Iranian forces and fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah government forces of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad crept to strategic for the armed opposition to the city of Aleppo in the North of the country. If Assad’s forces take the city under siege and force the insurgents to surrender, the opposition movement will lose the driving force, says military analyst at private research firm Stratfor ‘s Omar Lamrani.

«If Aleppo falls, it will emphasize the intractability of the situation facing the rebels across the country,» he says.

According to Voice of America, the Russian air force has already put a few days of continuous strikes in Northern Syria, forcing the rebels to hide in tunnels and craters from explosions. According to one of them, morale among the opposition «catastrophically», as opposed to a regime fighters believe that «the West had abandoned them».

«I talked with the ambassadors of USA, great Britain, France, and their employees, and asked them what they will do in addition to the statements,» said the political Commissar of the brigade the three thousand of the rebels Zakaria Malakheti.

In this situation, it seems that Washington does not intend to take any significant steps, the article says. The U.S. has a game plan, and he is in negotiations, says Lamrani, noting that with the strengthening of the Syrian army appeal for a political settlement in the eyes of Assad compared to a military solution to the «rapidly falling».

Analyst Stratfor indicates that, although the Russian Federation and bears the financial and human losses, its investments, apparently, are justified — to the detriment of the Syrian opposition and its supporters in the face of the coalition led by the United States. The Russians show that they are a powerful force in the middle East, said Lamrani, while the West loses its position in the game of diplomacy.

Assad with the help of the Russians encircled Aleppo. Turkey may intervene 09.02.2016

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