Assad once again bombed a children’s hospital in Aleppo

In Eastern Aleppo again bombed a children’s hospital «Bayan», which had already suffered from the air strikes in July, the BBC reported.

This hospital is one of the few remaining in Aleppo hospitals.

Near the hospital centre of blood transfusion, which was also damaged by bombing.

At the same time, the Syrian army said that among her goals is only owned by extremists warehouses with ammunition and medical supplies.

According to Anadolu, the result of air strikes on areas of Syria’s Aleppo a day killed 42 people, 83 injured.

On the eve of the Syrian Observatory for human rights reported the bombing of three hospitals per day. These offices were occupied by government troops in the Western part of the city.

The defense Ministry said that «Russian aerospace forces and the Syrian air force on opposition armed groups, announced the cessation of hostilities and reported in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation for information about his location, the strikes did not cause».

As reported, Aleppo is divided into zones, occupied by the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and opposition groups. The government army supported by the Russian aviation strikes on rebel-controlled areas.

On 10 November, the UN stated that in Aleppo running out of food.

The UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein called the bombing and siege of Aleppo crimes of historic proportions.

However, despite all reservations, hospitals in Aleppo are the permanent targets of the forces of Assad and Putin.

Assad once again bombed a children’s hospital in Aleppo 17.11.2016

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