Assad appointed the parliamentary elections in Syria on 13 April

The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad appointed on 13 April, the parliamentary elections in the Republic, reports Reuters referring to the statement of the authorities of the country, writes

Previous elections to the Syrian Parliament in 2012.

Department of state: pause in negotiations on Syria may be delayed

Earlier, the holding of early parliamentary elections was expressed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

«As for Syria, I think we need to move towards constitutional reform. This is a complicated process, of course And then on the basis of the new Constitution to hold early elections of the President and of the Parliament», — noted Putin in January.

We will remind, participants of international talks on Syria held on 14 November 2015 in Vienna, agreed to hold elections in Syria a year and a half. According to the report, the transitional government should be formed within half a year, and at this time would be to prepare a new Constitution.

Later, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution that will allow them to participate in elections more than four million Syrian refugees.

The last presidential elections in Syria took place in June 2014. Assad was declared the winner with 89% of the vote. The term of office of the President in Syria to seven years.

The conflict between the authorities and the armed opposition in Syria is not terminated since March 2011. According to the UN, during this time in the country killed more than 70 thousand people.

The opposition, supported by Western countries, demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad, while the authorities declare that there are «armed groups of militants supported from outside».

On February 21, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry stated that without the settlement of the conflict between Damascus and the opposition threatened the very existence of the Syrian state.

«A political solution is better than the futile attempts to find a military solution. War can lead to new refugees, new extremists, destruction and perhaps even to the complete destruction of Syria itself,» he said.

While Kerry reiterated that he sees no possibility of resolving the conflict while maintaining power in Syria in the hands of President Bashar al-Assad. He also noted that alliances with Damascus will not allow to find a solution to the Syrian conflict: «you Have to understand that any military Alliance with Assad will not end the civil war.»

We will remind, on February 22, 2016 United States of America and the Russian Federation reached agreement on the beginning of truce in Syria on February 27.

«The ceasefire in Syria, agreed by Russia and the United States, should enter into force at midnight on 27 February,» the statement reads.

Department of state: pause in negotiations on Syria may be delayed

The holding on 25 February negotiations for a political settlement in Syria under the leadership of the UN is unlikely. This assessment was expressed on Monday, February 22, during a briefing in Washington, Deputy press Secretary for the U.S. State Department mark Toner, transfers UKRINFORM.
«The resumption of negotiations on February 25 (with the participation of Syrian authorities and the opposition — ed.) is now not probable,» he noted, answering questions of journalists, the representative of foreign policy Department of the USA.

At the same time, he stressed that the U.S. side will continue cooperation and coordination with relevant efforts of the UN and other parties «to further advance this issue».

In this case, the Toner noted that much effort is paid to ensuring conditions for the holding of these negotiations, especially in the context of the reached on Monday an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria.

He explained that this deal, unlike previously discussed the terms of the armistice, establishes a particular framework, «according to which will be ensured the cessation of hostilities».

According to him, the special working group will hold consultations on the implementation of the agreement in place with the implementation of control monitoring.

The state Department spokesman also agreed that the implementation of the agreement in the early days may not be perfect, but «should it be implemented».

Assad appointed the parliamentary elections in Syria on 13 April 23.02.2016

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