Aslund: the restoration of Donbass will cost 20 billion

Well-known international economist Anders Aslund estimates that the approximate costs of rebuilding war-torn Donbas may reach 20 billion dollars. About who should pay for it and what are the solutions to the problem, he wrote in his article on the website «the Atlantic Council».

«The total cost of the restoration will obviously be more than $10 billion and will likely reach $20 billion, or almost a quarter of the current GDP of Ukraine», — said the expert, adding that the vast majority of this capital expenditure.

However, according to him, even the current budget expenditures of Ukraine that it is attempting to reduce, are much greater than the income in the budget from the region for many years.

«Who should pay for the restoration of Donbass? The obvious answer is the aggressor, Russia. It would be fair, if Ukraine was added to the requirements in the Minsk process $20 billion in reparations from Russia for Donbass. But in fact reparations paid by those who were defeated,» — said Aslund.

On the other hand, Ukraine, without waiting for payments from Russia, she will not be able in the near future to Finance the restoration of Donbas.

«The only sensible way for the EU and the US to provide substantial assistance to Ukraine in the form of grants for the rehabilitation and reintegration of Donbass. To stabilize the war-ravaged region in Europe $20 billion is a small amount. Just compare it with $300 billion which the EU spent on the financial crisis in Greece», — the expert believes.

We will remind, the representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group Roman Bezsmertny believes that Russia is interested in the war in the Donbas, never ends, and its impact on Ukraine experience for about 20 years.

Aslund: the restoration of Donbass will cost 20 billion 17.02.2016

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