Artificial intelligence has won the professional poker players

The program DeepStack was the first able to beat professional poker players in the world. This artificial intelligence system was developed by group of programmers from the University of Alberta, in collaboration with two Czech universities, reports The Verge.

To check the program playing against 33 players on the international level, members of the International Federation of poker. People were mostly defeated. DeepStack won 2/3 of the games that, according to the developers, obviously could not be the result of random distribution. If the game was on the money, people would still be no closer to the end of the game.

«They haven’t played against a top Pro, so that is not to say that artificial intelligence has surpassed humanity,» says Professor Thomas Sandholm, who participated in the development of the system DeepStack.

Note that poker is a very challenging game to artificial intelligence as the main aspect of the game is psychology. Poker playing is usually more than two people and this problem complicates the calculation of the probabilities for the neural network. However, the program DeepStack showed that it is possible to bridge the gap between human and machine, even in such games.

We will remind, in 2016, a computer program AlphaGo badly outplayed in the best grandmaster of the world.

Artificial intelligence has won the professional poker players 11.01.2017

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