Argument of the year: fined for speeding, the American said that he was framed deer

The driver is from Massachusetts did not agree with issued a fine for speeding, saying that the radar traffic wardens probably have not fixed his car, and who was hurrying by deer, reports

According to court documents, Dennis Sayers of Haverhill November 14, was driving in West Newbury at a speed of 40 miles per hour in a zone with a maximum limit of 30 mph. The police wrote him for this violation the fine is $ 105. The man, however, challenged it in court, citing an argument that surprised even seasoned lawyers, writes

In the course of the hearing, Sayers turned to the arresting officer the Johnson Royster with the question of whether a hundred percent he is sure that his radar gun recorded the speed of the vehicle, and not the «speed of a deer, which could be located in the immediate vicinity».

As noted by the Internet edition, after the announcement of the hall ran a laughter and climbed into the phone «googling» the speed with which deer running around.

That said, the officer is not specified. However, the judge asked Sayers, says if he thought it was a deer. To which he replied — they say, «everything is possible».

After a few minutes the judge ruled in favor of the police. Perhaps during this time he also used the Internet and found that the deer in the area run at a speed of only 30 mph, so the argument of the applicant, though witty, but it is doubtful.

Earlier it was reported about another motorist with paradoxical thinking. In January British MP has accused cyclists of pollution of the atmosphere.

Argument of the year: fined for speeding, the American said that he was framed deer 31.01.2017

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