Apple apologized to users for the slow old iPhone

Apple publicly apologized to their customers for the slow down the old iPhone models. An open letter on 28 December published on the website of the American company.

«We know that some of you feel like Apple failed you. We apologize», – said in the appeal.

In the company of these measures explained the need to extend the battery life of smartphones. In order to help users to learn more about rechargeable batteries and factors that affect their work, on the Apple website launched a special page with explanations.

The company also announced the reduction of the cost of replacing the battery without warranty – c $79 to $29 for users of the iPhone 6 and more new models. To change the battery with the discount will be starting from end of January to December of 2018, the company promises that this can be done all over the world.

In the beginning of 2018, Apple promises to release an update for iOS which should give users more information about the performance of your iPhone battery.

Prior to this, the company announced that it slowed down the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE in order to avoid unexpected shutdowns of the device. Phones back to normal mode after battery replacement.

Apple apologized to users for the slow old iPhone 29.12.2017

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