«Appblock» offers to move the capital to Cannes

The opposition bloc on Tuesday presented its draft of the new Constitution of Ukraine, which envisages the transition from a parliamentary-presidential Republic to parliamentary, writes «Interfax-Ukraine».

At the same time «Poblocka» argue that the core issue in the draft Constitution will be «the transfer of the capital to the city of Kaniv, where Shevchenko Holy places».

«If we want to separate business from politics, it is no threat to Kiev. Moreover, I think, Kiev will sigh with great pleasure. As new York for the United States, Kiev is the main city, the financial center of our country, and the politicians will go closer to the people,» — said at the presentation of the draft people’s Deputy Boris Kolesnikov.

«As an example we can take Brazil, Kazakhstan, which had moved the capital and become successful,» he added.

It should be noted that Kolesnikov’s long-standing interest in Kaniv. It was he who in 2011 opened in this city unnecessary helicopter pad, which was allegedly intended to tour it easier to visit Shevchenkovsky places.

The construction site was carried out for public funds in the framework of the state target program of preparation and holding in Ukraine of finals of European football championship in 2012. Total for construction was allocated 127 million.

«Appblock» offers to move the capital to Cannes 24.02.2016

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