Antonov resumed its cooperation with Russia on estimation of technical condition of the aircraft

Since November 2017 the specialists of the state enterprise «Antonov» on a contractual basis once again perform work on the assessment of the technical condition of the aircraft An-124-100 «Ruslan» the Russian airline «Volga-Dnepr». About this site said the President of the company Alexander Krivokon.

Antonov company is a holder of the type certificates of the aircraft, particularly transport aircraft «Ruslan», and has the sole right to increase the resources of the aircraft. In addition, as the organization-manufacturer «Antonov» needs to develop guidance for the maintenance of airworthiness, said Krivokon.

«Volga-Dnepr» is not included in the list of Russian companies sanctioned by the decision of the Ukrainian authorities, said Antonov.

President of «Antonov» reported that in the event of failure to evaluate the technical condition of the exploited in Russia «Ruslan» to the Ukrainian company could be sanctioned. In particular, it could be stripped of its status as a developer of aviation technology and lose position in the aviation market.

«It should be noted that the operation of aircraft that do not have airworthiness, dangerous. In addition, the «Ruslan» will carry out flights, including international, on request of organizations that need to submit documents proving airworthiness and maintenance readiness of the aircraft. Without documentation of the developer, certifying airworthiness, flight permit they will not give» – said Krivokon.

At the same time, the Russian government’s attempts to shift the duties of «Antonov» as a developer for other businesses unlawful and can lead to a ban on the exploitation of Russian aircraft on An international flights, he added.

In November 2017, the newspaper «Kommersant», citing sources in the industry said that Ukraine and Russia are negotiating about the renewal of airworthiness of the aircraft An-124-100 «Ruslan». In the Park of the Russian carrier 12 «Ruslan», which operates Charter cargo flights.

In Antonov confirmed that they are going to fulfil their obligations to the Russians.

In September 2017 the journalist Roman Bochkala said that «Antonov» promised to curtail cooperation with the company «Volga-Dnepr» carries out orders of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, however, continues to fulfill orders for technical evaluation of the aircraft.

Antonov resumed its cooperation with Russia on estimation of technical condition of the aircraft 14.02.2018

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