Antonov decided to name the new plane in honour of Stepan Bandera

Antonov refused to name its new An-178 in honor of Stepan Bandera, in order to prevent the use of the brand «an» in political confrontations.

This was reported on the official website of SE «Antonov» in Facebook.

As reported, in two months the enterprise has received about 5 thousand names for the new An-178. Only on official page in Facebook, the competition was attended by approximately 250 thousand participants. The highest number of votes in the contest received the following suggestions: Amet-Khan Sultan, Stepan Bandera and Cyborg.

However, none of the proposed options will not be used as the name of the new aircraft, because these names can be used «in political confrontation».

«Antonov is known worldwide as the founder of scientific and technical progress, the flagship of the Ukrainian aircraft construction. Following these principles, the company cannot prevent the use of the excellent brand of «an» in political confrontations. Therefore, a new transport «an» remains in the international classification as an-178,» — said in the message.

«ASTC preferred names: Dolphin, Bogdan, Hope. Let all unite on the idea that the an-178 was, is and remains Ukrainian plane, our pride, our flag and hope for a peaceful sky,» said the company.

Antonov decided to name the new plane in honour of Stepan Bandera 22.12.2015

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