«Antitila» shot a video for the song «the same», Gorbunov starring

22 Nov, 20:00 Kyiv time on the premiere of the new video of «Antibodies» for the song «the same». Video shot Victor Priduvalov, starring Aleksey Gorbunov, who plays the role of the killer of a prominent politician. This was reported on the group page on Facebook.

In the story of impoverished middle-aged man waiting for a meeting. The man visibly worried and nervous, because it seems especially important to its future. When the hero finally meets the eyes of gallantly dressed gentleman at the ramp, aiming the gun at him, the audience understands: we are talking about the future of not only him, but the whole country…

«This song has formed my habits, my principles and my rules, which were developed by years of practice. Is that — if I first listen to see the whole clip, I have to make it and to convey what I saw, without understanding, without comprehension, exactly as seen. «The same» — song of the breakthrough, respectively, and the video will be a breakthrough. Professionally for me this work is a kind of challenge. The degree of difficulty is quite high, especially in the installation. For many years in our clips was not such an ambitious script and the ability to implement it. I’m glad that this level will be just for a group of «Antibody», — said Victor Priduvalov about my new job.

The frontman of the band «Antibody» Taras Poplar said that it was the video «the same» — special. «The shooting contributed to a very serious production and organizational work, with many routine and at times seemed impossible to complete tasks. But all this preparation is on total Overdrive became the basis for another process is totally subconscious. All filming took place intuitively, without analysis of the brain. The whole team just kept moving forward, and every subsequent second everything was right. Energy live is so strong that it can see even with my eyes closed and still all feel».

Previously, the group «Antibodies», whose members actively help the ATO soldiers, presented a new video clip for the song «Always my» musicians dedicated to the country and its defenders.

«Antitila» shot a video for the song «the same», Gorbunov starring 23.11.2016

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