Anticyclone «Brigitta» will envelop Ukraine mist

Fog with smog, detained in Ukraine anticyclone «Brigitta».

This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page in Facebook.

«Because that’s when the anticyclone is formed when the mists of the optimal favored. You are no frontal winds, sudden changes of thermal conditions and light wind or calm», she said.

In addition, the weather forecaster predicts that tomorrow, «Brigitta» will spread almost over Ukraine.

Also on 18 January in Ukraine is expected cold weather.

«Short night, to 7-15 degrees during the day -2-7. In the extreme South «minus»-«plus», in the Crimea up to 2-4 degrees Celsius,» wrote Didenko.

In the extreme South, she predicted, will go wet snow and maybe even rain. But in most areas will be dominated by weather without precipitation.

«In Kiev, tomorrow no rain, maybe a little snow somewhere to pobachiti. In the morning there is the likelihood of radiation fog In the capital a night to -9, around -2-5 degrees», — is spoken in the message of the forecaster.

To-morrow evening, 18 January, colder by several degrees.

«As compensation, the fog combined with frost still give a very beautiful phenomenon – the frost,» — she said.

As earlier reported, doctors and Netpolice gave advice to Ukrainians on how to survive the cold.

Anticyclone «Brigitta» will envelop Ukraine mist 17.01.2017

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