Anti-terrorist operation forces in Shirokino strengthened, and Russian imports at the Donbass weapons

For the past day in the area of the ATO’t lost any one Ukrainian soldier, two were wounded, said the speaker of the presidential administration of Ukraine on ATO Alexander Motesanib.

«For the past day in the fighting not a single Ukrainian military serviceman was killed, but two more got wounds», — he said at a press briefing on Thursday in Kyiv.

Exploration validates the data about 60 of the victims of the Russian military

According to him, one military suffered while conducting mine clearing in Shirokino, and the second was blown up by an unknown explosive device in the village of Novgorod.

The militants left the village Shirokino, which are now carried out demining operations, said Matusevich.

«Yesterday, the militants left the village Shirokino. The village is under control of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Now there are works on clearing and demining of the territory, because all the fighters have established numerous streamers», he said at a briefing on Thursday in Kyiv.

Motesanib noted that under the terms of the Minsk agreements Shirokino must be under the control of the APU.

Earlier it was reported that the ATO forces near zaytsevo captured and seized a large number of weapons terrorists.

Eve reported that as a result of clashes the Ukrainian troops had occupied the strategic heights in Dokuchayevsk. In addition, the Ukrainian military has restored control over Shyrokyne.

In addition, the Ukrainian military from-for continuous attacks of terrorists were forced to occupy the industrial area near Avdiyivka, Donetsk region. The enemy used mortars prohibited caliber, automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. «Had been threatened and homes of local residents. To avoid loss of personnel and civilian casualties, our soldiers were forced to push the enemy outside of the settlement», — stated in the headquarters.

Exploration validates the data about 60 of the victims of the Russian military

Intelligence checks the information about 60 Russian military personnel killed in the 20 days of February. Russia continues to move its troops to the Donbas.

Reported by the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry.

«Verified information regarding the delivery on 23 February, 60 of the bodies of Russian soldiers and militants into the morgue of Donetsk regional clinical hospital for identification,» — said in the message.

Intelligence also informs that «on the night of February 23 through the checkpoint Dovzhansky on the territory of Russia removed two coffins with the bodies of officers of the armed forces and five bags containing the remains of bodies of Russian soldiers».

It continues the transfer from the territory of the Russian Federation troops, equipment and weapons for the needs of 1 and 2 army corps (AK) to the following destinations:

Sverdlovsk – company of Russian soldiers (120 men);

Kochkarskoye two units of the Russian military personnel (250 persons);

Rovenki (SE «Rovenkovsky tank farm») – the train with fuel (420 tons);

Ilovaysk – seven flatcars with military equipment, three tanks of fuel (180 tons), four freight cars of ammunition.

During the day in the area ATO carried out 50 attacks from small arms, grenade launchers, antiaircraft guns and 82-mm mortars: the 13 – Leporidae, Mayorsk, Novgorod, Novoselovka, (Slavic area) 33 – Verkhneolonetski, Avdeevka, Experienced, mine Butovka, may day, Sand, Nevel, Krasnogorovka, Marinka (the Donetsk direction); two to Novotroitsk, Granite (direction Volnovakha); two – Cermaic, Gotovo (Mariupol direction).

Ukraine informed the OSCE mission about the presence of tanks, artillery systems and 122-mm MLRS «Grad» near debaltseve, Donetsk, Komsomol.

February 22, in the area of Svetlodarsk 3 soldiers of the 7th separate motorized rifle brigade (Debaltsevo) 2 AK, when you try to surrender, were fired upon by the Russian military. One soldier killed and two wounded.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence, in divisions 1 battalion of the territorial defence (Mikhailovka) 1 AK ongoing cases of mass desertion.

The facts of mass layoffs of Russian soldiers with a subsequent return to Russia marked in divisions of 5 separate motorized rifle brigade 1 AK.

Anti-terrorist operation forces in Shirokino strengthened, and Russian imports at the Donbass weapons 25.02.2016

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