Another increase in electricity tariffs for the population will be held April 1

The next stage of increase of energy tariffs in Ukraine for the population will be held April 1, announced Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

«The next step changes in energy tariffs, and their actual increase is April 1. I also publicly state that it is the responsibility of the entire political class,» he said, speaking with the report in the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday, January 16.

According to Yatsenyuk, the one who needs the subsidies that it receives, but the rates should be market.

Earlier it was reported that from March 1, the electricity tariff will increase on average 25% to 57 cents — 1,56 hryvnia per kilowatt.

We will remind, the national Commission for regulation in energy and utilities, under the terms of the Memorandum with key creditor the International monetary Fund has raised since April 1 last year, the minimum tariff for gas for the population 3.3 times — up to 3 600 UAH per thousand cubic meters of fuel for consumption of up to 200 cubic meters of gas.

In the off-season — may 1 through September 30: cost of natural gas will be 7 188 UAH per thousand cubic meters regardless of consumption.

As reported by the government Yatsenyuk sharp increase of tariffs for utilities (primarily gas and heating) is the subject of constant criticism of the government, and the unpopularity of its leader, as evidenced by the data of sociological research and the refusal of the Prime Minister’s party «national front» from independent participation in local elections in 2015. In turn, the Prime Minister calls the established tariffs «European» and demonstrates the reduction of energy dependence on Russia, and also emphasizes that low-income groups has developed a program of housing subsidies.

Yatsenyuk compares his social policy with the «shock therapy» in postcommunist countries of Central Europe the early 90’s, and his team calls the «government kamikaze».

Another increase in electricity tariffs for the population will be held April 1 17.02.2016

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