Annual losses of Ukraine from Smoking population exceeds 3 billion dollars

Ukraine annually loses more than $ 3 billion because of the Smoking population.

This is stated in the study «Economic aspects of tobacco taxation in Ukraine» International Association against tuberculosis and lung disease, reports the Economic truth.

In addition, scholars argue that real economic loss to the state as a result of Smoking its population even more, when you consider government spending on treatment of diseases caused by Smoking.

The amount of losses is almost three times the budget revenues from tobacco excise taxes, which by 2016 is estimated at $ 1.1 billion.

«Smoking not only causes deadly threat for human life, but also hurts the economy. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities should be interested in, to Smoking prevalence in Ukraine decreased. For this you need to make cigarettes less accessible and attractive. In particular, it is important to adopt bill No. 2820, which provides for the prohibition of cigarettes with flavors, introduces large graphic warnings about the dangers of Smoking on cigarette packs and regulate the contents of tobacco products», — said the head of the Ukrainian center for tobacco control NGO «Life» Andriy Skipalsky.

Globalno according to the report of the world health organization and National cancer Institute «Economic aspects of tobacco and tobacco control», published in early January 2017, each year the global economy loses over a trillion dollars of increased health care costs for smokers and disability.

Moreover, diseases caused by Smoking take away from the lives of 6 million people annually in the world.

Experts say that measures aimed at tobacco control, including increases in taxes and prices of tobacco products, can be a source of considerable income.

These funds can be used for health and social development.

We will remind, in Ukraine, tentatively in March, it should make national service to provide professional assistance in Smoking cessation.

Annual losses of Ukraine from Smoking population exceeds 3 billion dollars 20.01.2017

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