Anna Konda with ukulele

The material was published in the newspaper «Gordon Boulevard», No. 46 (654)

Swallow «aby sho»

The author of these lines, like many of our compatriots did not come to the stores with consumer goods and saw some inscription in the English language Organic. Over time, began to appear some boutiques with so-called ecological organic products containing natural ingredients. Day by day our not spoiled, but eager European standards, customers are increasingly in need of quality products and gradually learns to buy them on the principle: «less is Better». If you move it on the Ukrainian show-business, then, of course, is organic-it simply does not exist.

The people freed from slavery of the collective consciousness coming from the USSR, especially not require. Our long-suffering show business, floating on the turbulent Soviet of the river, brings nothing new, but rather sinking into the old, adapting to new forms of existence. This so called concert Thistle helps making money by playing on the herd instinct of man is to swallow «aby sho»!

The numerous competitions selections, various TV shows — crowned all this stuff that keeps our Soviet past. Show confidently touted as something new, all freely selectable and so on. All would have been, if not for the Internet advanced in almost every Ukrainian family. It not only mesmerizes, but also interaction with mass Western culture, and leaves no hope for a total, collective brainwashing people hitsunami from our show-business. Time goes by…

People continue to develop mass cultural products in the form of modern songs, concerts, auditions and music that are presented on TV, radio and the Internet. Whether we like it or not, we have to follow all the Europeans that use the culture of the Old world, focusing on the best examples of suppliers that have traditionally been USA and Canada.

Recent years is clearly evident from the concerts of foreign stars, it’s time minimalism of expressive means, forging the success of their show business. Is an increasing attraction to jazz and folk music, resulting in a set of musical instruments, which are taken from these genres. As a rule, they are man-made, living, with high-quality natural sound. In the past, fashion and large elektroorgana Hammond replaced miniature keyboards, giving even better sound. Massive and heavy electric guitar electroacoustic replaced, replaced with mandolins, domras and many other instruments bearing a new spectacular sound.

Today at the height of fashion in the musical gatherings of the West is a Hawaiian folk instrument ukulele. It is a miniature four-stringed guitar that fits in an ordinary grocery bag. There are elektroversiya these tools. Play them superstars: sting, LP, cliff Edwards, Brian may, George Benson, Paul McCartney, Andrei Makarevich and others. Ukulele has loud and clear sound, similar to the sound of Ukrainian domra, Russian balalaika and violin with a touch of «pizzicato».

To reproduce or to construct a sound using the computer impossible as the sounds of banjo, bandura, kobza and other plucked string instruments. But if you ask me, what is it in our Ukrainian show business, where there is vulgar simplicity, eclectic, and electronics is not required, in fact, no special qualities, no new perception, where our show-business, despite some bursts of «Eurovision» is a wedding-restaurant format, proudly called «our and povtorno», where the Ukrainian jazz and rock with a rough loud sound the day before yesterday not blindly copy best European models, where collective perception in a new format, the old cultural values does not allow even our so-called elite selective with regard to contemporary cultural values, which is delicious, but not useful «multidegree», which is called dismissive in Europe «Russian style». I will answer it: communication with Europe have been expanding (Beavis, Internet contacts).

In order not to roll to the show business Mongolian or North Korean, you must introduce us the good that is there now in Europe. Our special mentality (my business) is very resistant. Only here you can see the owners of luxury Rolls-Royce cars, which drive on the bumps and gullies of our famous roads. You can also hear and see hloptsiv bright Ukrainian shirts that gacha from the stage at insanely loud decibels of local heavy metal, and it is shamelessly called the Ukrainian music.

Where, if not us, the elite may not know the capitals of neighbouring States, but to have a cool mansions, to drink our bitter kazenka, eating pickles with bacon, and listen to the unforgettable obscene underworld song. If you don’t count our mass art services for cattle, which is always waiting in the wings, it should at least look closely at the global cultural elite, which has long been consumes environmentally friendly organic cultural products. Why should roll in yesterday, crudely disguising them as today? The modern youth of our country wants respect from other people. She was tired to wait for changes in everything that they promise our experienced crooks from show business including. Youth itself begins to attract the attention of Western pros who will try to entice talent to itself — in Europe or America… at First… to see, hear and evaluate…

Each member of your condom

When I went to a meeting with Anna, he recalled one of the contests where he was Chairman of the jury and the first time I saw and heard. It was called the event «Cote d’azur» and was held in the Kherson region. Was a competition of young talents, which hid some local political event. Among the parade of bad taste and other musical stuff stood out a little fragile girl, singing in perfect English song from the repertoire of superstars from the US Alicia Keys.

The jury members, mainly from Kiev, just stunned from what he heard, agreed with me, Chairman, that this is the best performance. Then lit the discussion on abstract themes, and in unison, in a familiar style of double standards, salutarily young talent only winners, leaving the garbage pit for their prizes (each member of your condom).

Reluctantly I «Chairman-head» was forced to sign the verdict of a majority of the members who raped a talented girl with me and determined their winners, which have forgotten exactly a month. Now they have no relationship to show business and not even remember this contest-cabal. But I’m a girl remember… in a few years I happened to bump into at the Studio where they recorded music to their rock-Opera «Mr. Pan». We agreed to meet. Now, not as «Chairman of the distinguished jury,» just as a composer and producer he listened to everything she offered me.

It happens that I start to work with singers who are kind and have a good voice, but somehow did not mesh. But now, after hearing a few songs, I realized that once on the «Cote d’azur» is not wrong. Anna is unique. This little fragile girl a unique and very recognizable voice. She is artistic, charismatic and attractive, easy to communicate with and has a very bright energy. Not spoiled, modest and unassuming. And the main thing — it is literally absorbed by the music. Inquiring her story, I learned that she’s from the city Priluki of Chernihiv region. Grew up in an ordinary family living in a private home. Grew up surrounded by four-legged friends. And as a child was… a Shepherdess. Herding goats and geese.

The first song she sang in the children’s garden, a song about mother «mother’s spit». This song and its now playing Anna. She’s in her repertoire forever. Her mother recalled: «She’s so little left, that sonorous voice sang and everyone sat and wept…» did Not like to go to kindergarten — was a sickly child, often missed, and mom called, «Get Anya, we have a party». Mom brought her the day before the event, and she in a fairy tale participated, and dances danced, and sang songs. Alone in the big city…

Photo: personal archive Gennady Tatarchenko

Anna Konda with ukulele 14.11.2017

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