Ankara does not intend to convey to the Damascus territory liberated from ISIS. The United States received a new military base in Kurdistan

Ankara after the liberation from the terrorists of the ISIS city of al-Bab and other areas in the North of Syria is not going to transfer them to the government of Damascus, said the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus.

The United States received a new military base in Syrian Kurdistan

«From the outset, Turkey has stated that in the framework of the operation «shield of the Euphrates,» set a clear goal — to ensure the national security of the country. We strive to protect Turkey’s borders and prevent threats from a southern direction», — said Deputy Prime Minister during a round table in the news Agency «Anadolu».

The aim of the operation «shield of the Euphrates», including steps to liberate the city of al-Bab from ISIS terrorists, is not the transfer of territory in Northern Syria under the control of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, stressed Kutulas, quoted by the Agency.

Turkey, with the support of the moderate Syrian opposition began the operation «Shield of the Euphrates» in the summer of last year in order to clear the border areas of Syria from ISIS terrorists. Currently, the Turkish military and the opposition groups carried out an operation for the liberation from militants of the ISIS city of al-Bab.

Speaking about the participation of the international coalition led by the United States, in the operation to liberate al-Bab from terrorists, Kurtulmus said: «unfortunately, the international coalition has not had sufficient support during the operation. Don’t try to hide the fact that Turkey today does not receive the support of the coalition».

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister noted that the administration of Barack Obama and the international coalition forces from the very beginning had no plan to resolve the conflict in Syria.

«I hope that the new administration of Donald trump will support processes that meet the interests of the peoples of Syria and Iraq,» said Kurtulmus.

The United States received a new military base in Syrian Kurdistan

The United States has a new military base on the territory of Syrian Kurdistan. It is expected that this will allow the us military to intensify the support of local forces in the fight against ISIS

Kurdish BasNews newspaper, citing a source in the Democratic forces of Syria reports that a large group of well-equipped special forces USA had arrived at the base of tel Bit to the North-West of the city of El-Hasaka.

American troops arrived at a military base after the Kurdish security forces had left the tel Bit, taking with them military equipment. Just reported on the base is 800 us special forces and military trainers. Their arrival is part of a US-led coalition offensive against the Syrian city of Dyne ez Zaur, occupied by the Islamists. Also they will support the Kurdish forces in the advance to raqqa.

It reminds edition, previously, the U.S. has created a number of military bases in Syrian Kurdistan, including in Kobane, ‘ Ayn ‘ īsá, Malone and Rafe-Hasaka.

Last week, writes BasNews, Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga Jabar Yawar said that in 2017 the United States will continue to support the Kurdish militias. British, canadian and German military advisers are also in Kurdistan and working with the Peshmerga.

At the moment training with the support of the coalition forces have passed 18 thousand Kurdish military, the Peshmerga receive arms and military equipment.

Last week in Davos, the President of Kurdistan Barzani said he expected from the administration of Donald trump’s continued military support. Barzani assured that Kurdistan will maintain good relations with Washington and hope for a radical change in American policy in Iraq.

As for Syrian Kurdistan, Barzani expressed hope for the restoration of peace in the region and the return of 3,000 refugees to their homes.

Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, commenting on the latest information about military cooperation of the Americans and the Kurds, said that since 2013, al-Hasaka was under the control of the Democratic forces of Syria, who are an offshoot of the Kurdistan workers party, declared in Turkey as a terrorist organization. Ankara has repeatedly said that a terrorist group cannot be used for fighting with other terrorist group. But with the rise of Kurdish militias in Turkey is perceived as a threat to national security.

Ankara does not intend to convey to the Damascus territory liberated from ISIS. The United States received a new military base in Kurdistan 24.01.2017

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