Andriy Klyuyev overwrites the property in son and wife to avoid forfeiture.

Lawyers and politicians suspect that the distribution of property between Sergiy Klyuev and his wife is not as a result of divorce, men and women, and trying to keep acquired by dishonest means from confiscation, according to a story TSN.

Reason to think twice. First, a case where after a divorce, the woman receives much more than a husband, property, is unique for the Ukrainian justice system. Secondly, a similar distribution through the court started the elder brother Sergey, the former head of the presidential Administration Andriy Klyuyev.

His property he shares in the Obukhov court between his wife Joan and son Bogdan.

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption Yegor Sobolev believes that in two years the GPU could use a set of legal mechanisms for the confiscation of property. But all the while its leaders were covered criminals. At the same time, in the service of the fiscal monitor are telling us that the property ‘ remains under arrest and no distribution is legally impossible.

‘Attorneys to comment on the incident, and the phones most wanted the brothers out of range.

As previously reported, the wife of people’s Deputy Serhiy Klyuev Irina got a mansion in the suburbs of Kyiv in Kozyn, land 8,23 ha, auto Mercedes-Benz S500L (2007). Also Klyuev was ordered to pay wife compensation in the amount of 451.5 million.

Andriy Klyuyev overwrites the property in son and wife to avoid forfeiture. 26.02.2016

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