Analysts have called the most problematic car

Research company J. D. Power has named the cars most frequently fail.

Study of reliability shows that the more the car new technologies, the more their owners are reporting errors. These issues affect the reliability of the vehicle, according to JCNews.

So, increased the number of complaints about the infotainment and navigation systems, and communication systems. They now account for 20% of the total volume of complaints.

Compared with the situation a year ago the number of problems with multimedia system increased by 3%.

Often motorists complain of Bluetooth connection/recognition of various devices, systems of recognition of voice commands, as well as to inaccurate navigation system.

If we talk about brands, the highest place in anti-rating of reliability is Lexus, which holds the leadership for the fifth consecutive year. He got 95 problems per 100 vehicles.

Followed by Porsche and Buick since 97 and 106 errors, respectively. In fourth place is Toyota with 113 errors. On account of errors 120 GMC, Chevrolet 125 and Honda and Acura – 126 and 129 of the errors respectively.

In the account of Lincoln has recorded 132 error. It is followed by Audi with 134 errors. Below are the Mercedes-Benz (135), Infiniti (136), BMW (142) and Cadillac (145).

Other automakers also are almost close to number of errors: KIA (153), Mini (155), Hyundai (158), Mitsubishi (161), Mazda (163), Chrysler (165), Subaru (166), Scion (167), Volkswagen (169), Fiat (171), Nissan (173), Jeep (181), Land Rover (198), Smart (199), Ford (204). Last is Dodge. He has 208 errors per 100 cars.

Recall that in late 2015 it was reported that Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG topped the rating of automobile manufacturers, the largest number of models which are included in the list of «most secure». According to a study by the Insurance Institute for road safety USA (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) for this year, among the «safest» car is composed of 9 models of Toyota, Honda 8 models and 5 models of Volkswagen. In total, the list includes 48 cars.

Analysts have called the most problematic car 29.02.2016

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