Analyst Molchanov: On the Odessa customs bribes are now calculated from the weight of: shoes – $350, fabric $150, toys – $150 per ton

At the Odessa customs taking bribes based on the weight of cleared cargo, said in his blog on the website ”LigaBusinessInform” political scientist, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Kirill Molchanov.

He writes that the actions of the appointed month and a half ago the chief of the Odessa customs Alexander Vlasov he complained to friends of Odessa, and after checking the information, he found a new corruption fees for customs clearance of goods.

«I recommend, by the way, to see everyone who wants to do business «differently». Bribes are now calculated based on the weight of the goods: shoes – $350/ton, fabric – $150/ton, toys – $150/ton, and bags – $125/ton, household goods – $4 thousand per container,” said Molchanov, and gave a link to the website ”Schemes of customs in the details” with these data.

With reference to journalists he added that in June, at such rates the customs issued 358 containers, and Vlasov and his Deputy Anton Borisenko received $1,332 million

«Of course, we can assume that it’s all customized campaign against Alexander Vlasov, but the amount of material rolls. Too many diverse sources, including the forum OSA (who knows the specifics, he will understand) confirmed, for example, new rates for customs clearance of goods”, – said Molchanov.

The analyst believes that the situation should pay attention to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, the National anti-corruption Bureau and the Cabinet headed by Vladimir Groisman.

«It is unclear whether the drive to Odessa «black hundred» customs. Maybe she does not exist anywhere except in speeches Groisman? But the GPU and NABOO should definitely pay attention to the Odessa customs. To Alexander Vlasov, it would be nice to make a public statement and explain the situation. After all, if this is all confirmed on the level of investigation, then the confession will ease the punishment. And again. Parliamentary immunity, customs officers there, so that Yuriy Lutsenko will not be difficult to appear on this topic after the failure of the Verkhovna Rada”, – concluded Kirill Molchanov.

The fight against corruption, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman were named among priorities of the current government. In may last year he announced the creation of the customs of the «black hundreds» anti-smuggling. June 14 was created by the group on 5 September announced the start of their work.

It was noted that they will get unfettered access to all areas of customs control and transport border crossing points and their work will be financed «at the expense of redistribution of funds allocated in the budget for the contents of the SFS».

Then head Gospitalniy service Roman Nasirov, subsequently suspended in connection with the beginning of criminal proceedings, reported that the head of this interdepartmental center elected an officer of the SFS Alexander Vlasov, who previously headed the special unit of the SFS «Phantom» in the area of ATO.

The post of chief of the Odessa customs Alexander Vlasov has held since may 15 of this year.

Analyst Molchanov: On the Odessa customs bribes are now calculated from the weight of: shoes – $350, fabric $150, toys – $150 per ton 13.07.2017

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