An American satellite detected a thermal flash in the time of the crash of the Russian Airbus A321

American military satellite recorded a flash of heat at the same time and in the same place where before the crash were Russian passenger aircraft Airbus A321.

It is reported CBS News citing high-ranking officials of defense, reports «European true».

According to the channel, us intelligence officers believe that the outbreak is evidence of the explosion on Board the plane – it could be an explosion in the fuel tanks or bombs.

However, it is not excluded also the version that could explode a faulty engine, or a satellite recorded a fire caused structural problems on the plane.

On the eve of the American private intelligence firm Stratfor published a research note about possible causes of the crash of the Russian airliner, which States that the most probable cause was an explosion on Board.

We will remind, on 31 October, the aircraft companies «Kogalymavia», EN route flight KGL9268 to St. Petersburg from Sharm El-Sheikh, crashed shortly after departure in the North Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. On Board were 224 people — 217 passengers, including 25 children, and seven crew members. They all died. Almost all the victims are Russians. Also on Board were four citizens of Ukraine and one passenger from Belarus.

Russia’s investigative Committee is investigating the incident. Criminal proceedings were instituted under article 263 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation («Infringement of safety rules of movement and operation railway, air, Maritime and inland water transport») and on CH 3. article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation («Rendering of services that do not meet safety requirements»). Victims found 146 relatives of the victims.

Officially, the cause of the crash has not yet named. Experts believe that the cause of accident could become explosive depressurization of the cabin and called the basic version of the tragedy. According to the newspaper «Kommersant», who arrived at the crash site of the liner of airline «Kogalymavia» the experts found that the plane came apart in mid-air.

Another possible reason for the failure. experts believe fatigue crack. As it turned out, in 2001, when the plane still belonged to «Kogalymavia», when landing in Cairo, he hit his tail on the runway of the airport, leading to disruption of the geometry of the structure. All defects were resolved, but it is possible that the problem manifested itself later.

Version about the damage to the tail is consistent with telemetry data published in the website Flightradar24, which monitors data from the transponders of aircraft. For this indication, the flight from Sharm El-Sheikh, gaining altitude, began a sharp decline and literally stuck in the ground.

On the eve of the rescuers at the crash site also said that initial inspection showed that the plane went into the ground vertically. It was also reported that the tail of the crashed aircraft found eight kilometres from side. Experts in the aviation industry pointed out that, according to pilots at the last minute had to fight with the aircraft, which was out of control.

The third possible cause of the explosive decompression experts call faulty engine. In the case of non-localized destruction of the turbine detached from her shoulder blades, according to experts, fly out with great speed. Moving in one plane, they could’ve cut the wing and the fuselage of the liner.

An American satellite detected a thermal flash in the time of the crash of the Russian Airbus A321 04.11.2015

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