Among the victims of the Istanbul attack — 15 foreigners

The victims of the massacre at a nightclub in Istanbul were at least 15 foreigners, among them citizens of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Israel and Belgium. Information about the victims, the media is harvested from a variety of sources, writes NEWSru Israel.

There are no Ukrainians among the victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul — Consul General
New year’s eve at the club of Istanbul was shooting: 39 dead, terrorist killed

Minister of family and social policies of Turkey Fatma Betul the SAI Kai said that in the attack, killed the citizens and the citizens of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon and Libya.

According to the Saudi Agency of SPA, the victims were five citizens of the Kingdom, nine more were injured. Confirmed the death of three Jordanians and two Tunisians.

One of the victims, 19-year-old Vines Zachary Nasser, a citizen of Israel from the Arab city of Tira. Another Israeli civilian was injured during the attack and hospitalized.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belgium, said that among the dead are citizens of this country.

Among the injured are Turks, French, Lebanese and Bulgarian.

The Turkish authorities gathered the first evidence about the committed in Istanbul, the attack on the nightclub, but at the moment these data do not allow to establish the identity of the terrorist or to declare the involvement of any group. This was stated by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

«We began to unravel some of the details, but the authorities are working to obtain a specific result,» Reuters quoted the Prime Minister. According to him, «the police and security officials will provide information as it becomes available in the course of the investigation».

Also the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim said that the Istanbul suicide was dressed as Santa Claus. He stated this at a briefing, reports CNN Turk.
He said that Santa’s clothes on prestupnike invented. The Prime Minister also said that the terrorist threw the weapon at the club.

Militants from the Kurdistan workers ‘ party said that it is not the organization behind the attack, which killed 39 people in new year’s eve in Istanbul, reports «Interfax-Ukraine» with reference to the Western media.

For their part, the authorities have not said who was responsible for the attack.

«We have started to collect some data, but the authorities are still working to get a result», — told reporters the country’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim to request to inform who organized the attack.

The attack occurred after midnight on new year’s eve party in one of the most popular clubs of Istanbul. The terrorist drove to the club in a taxi, killed the guard, went inside and started shooting at visitors.
The attack on the nightclub Reina 39 people died, 70 were injured.

It is known that in the night club at the celebration were Ukrainian. Among identified victims of the terrorist attack in a night club of Istanbul citizens of Ukraine.

Among the victims of the Istanbul attack — 15 foreigners 01.01.2017

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