Amnesty International notes the deteriorating situation of human rights in Russia and occupied Crimea

Amnesty International notes worsening of situation with human rights and freedoms in Russia and, as a consequence in occupied Crimea. This is referred to in the report of the Secretary-General of the German section of Amnesty International Selmin Caliskan, writes Deutsche Welle.

In 2015, experts AI registered the use of torture in 122 States, in 57 — in prison were dissidents or people who took part in peaceful anti-government speeches, at least 157 human rights defenders were killed or died in detention. The governments of the two thirds of the 160 countries listed in the report, took steps to limit freedom of speech and press. Among them — Russia.

«State courts rule over the press, radio and TV and expand control over the Internet, — it is told in the Chapter devoted to Russia. — More and more citizens are imprisoned and are accused that they criticize official policy or disseminate information that is in line with the vague security laws are qualified as extremist.»

Human rights activists state that in the last year in Russia the situation with freedom of speech and the press continued to deteriorate due to increased «direct state control and censorship» of the media.

AI records is also a violation of human rights in Crimea, which still considers the territory of Ukraine, and the Russian authorities on the Peninsula calls only «actual».

«In Crimea now apply the Russian laws, and this means that they threatened the rights and freedoms of the person, said in an interview with the expert AI for Europe and Central Asia Marie Lucas. — Particularly strong discrimination of the Crimean Tatars, meetings which are spreading, and the representatives of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis have politically motivated criminal cases».

We will note, the European Parliament on 4 February 2016 passed another resolution on Crimea, which called on Russia to start negotiations with Ukraine and other parties on the issue of de-occupation of Crimea. In its resolution, the European Parliament strongly condemned the «unprecedented» level of human rights violations from the Russian and the so-called Crimean authorities against the population of Crimea, in particular Crimean Tatars.

Amnesty International notes the deteriorating situation of human rights in Russia and occupied Crimea 24.02.2016

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