Amnesty International: Belarus has shot almost all sentenced to death

Starting November 5, at SIZO No. 1 in Minsk was shot several sentenced to death.

Amnesty International considers the execution of these sentences are shameful and hasty cleaning, according to a press release of human rights defenders.

According to international non-governmental organizations who oppose the death penalty, as confirmed by local activists, the execution was given two death sentences.

It is likely that he was shot one was sentenced to capital punishment. Just at the beginning of the month, Belarus had four sentenced to death.

According to Belarusian non-governmental organization «Spring», after November 5, was shot by Sergey Khmelevsky, Ivan Kulesh and, probably, Gennady Yakovitsky. The fate of Sergei Vostrikov, the fourth of a suicide – a verdict against him was only on 19 may this year – hanging in the balance.

Amnesty International has launched a new campaign for the abolition of the death penalty in Belarus.

«Sweep of death row – a horrifying measure for any country, but especially shameful that in Belarus, death sentences are usually carried out secretly, but the execution can happen at any time,» said campaign coordinator for Belarus in Amnesty International Aisha Jiang, who recently returned from Minsk.

«Sudden surge in executions is especially surprising because many believed that Belarus, the last country in Europe that applies the death penalty, goes to its abolition,» she added.

In Belarus, the relatives of those sentenced to death usually don’t get advance warning that their loved ones would be executed. They do not provide and the rights to say goodbye to loved ones.

In accordance with the Belarusian legislation, the bodies of those executed are not handed over to relatives for burial and the place of their burial remains secret.

In many cases, families learn about the death of a relative, when receive the parcel with the prison garb and the shoes shot. The death certificate they receive from the Belarusian authorities only in case if asked about it.

Data on the use of the death penalty in Belarus is classified as a state secret. The secrecy, Amnesty International considers constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners and their families.

Human rights defenders and the European Union urged Belarus to join global moratorium on executions.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that the relevance of the application of the death penalty, in his opinion, the country is not reduced. Thus, referring to the requirements of European countries by the Belarusian leadership on the moratorium on the death penalty or its complete abolition, he promised to abolish the death penalty immediately after US: «turn around a Little bit there, across the Atlantic — there is a very big friend you have. Once it will cancel we will be next.»

Amnesty International: Belarus has shot almost all sentenced to death 01.12.2016

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