American journalists wrote a letter to Trump: You tried to divide us, but those days are over

The American media have published an open letter to elected President of the United States Donald Trump, in which he explains his vision of relations between his administration and the press corps.

The text of the letter posted on the website of the magazine Columbia Journalism Review, published by the graduate school of journalism at Columbia University, reports «UKRINFORM».

«You are banned from news organizations to highlight information about you. You used Twitter to taunt and threaten individual journalists, and urged his supporters to do the same. You advocated more liberal laws on defamation and threatened numerous lawsuits. You avoided the press, if you had the chance, and violated the norms of the formation of the press pool and regular press conferences. You ridiculed the disability of a journalist who wrote what you don’t like,» reads the letter.

Reporters noted that trump continues the line of conduct that he used during the election campaign and deliberately complicated relationship with the media. In their view, such behaviour is a personal choice of the President, because the Constitution in the end protects freedom of the press and dictate to the President when to hold press conferences and how to relate to media.

«However, at the same time, when you have the full right to establish basic rules for interaction with the press, we can do the same. It is finally our time and columns to which you want to affect. We, not you, decide what will work better for our readers, listeners and viewers,» wrote in a letter to the media.

Journalists emphasize that will be to publish material, regardless of access authority, can refuse coverage to public events or attend meetings «off-record» (outside the record), and will determine how much airtime to give to representatives of trump.

«We will strive to Express their point of view, even if you will try to shut us down. We don’t have to change our radio or speakers under people who constantly distort the truth,» the letter says.

«We will raise our standards even higher than before. … We work together. You tried to divide us, but those days are over. … If at the press conference, you try to shout down or ignore a reporter who says something you don’t like you, you will stand a United front. Yes, we will have disagreement and critical discussion of ethics or taste, or the integrity of the review. But we are going to start and complete them.

«We’re playing the long game. At best you will stay in post for eight years. And here we are — since the founding of the Republic. Our role in this great democracy has been confirmed many, many times. You have forced us to once again review the fundamental questions about who we are and what we’re here for. But for this we really appreciate it. Good the inauguration,» concluded the American journalists.

As previously reported, after trump just jumped on the legendary member of the civil rights movement, Congressman John Lewis, who said he considers trump «legitimate» since Russia helped him win the election, dozens of congressmen have decided to boycott the inauguration of the trump.

American journalists wrote a letter to Trump: You tried to divide us, but those days are over 18.01.2017

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