American comedian accused of sexual harassment of five women

In the US, five women accused of sexual harassment known stand-up comedian, actor, Louis ck. It is reported by The New York Times.

Colleagues of C. K. on stage, Dana Min Goodman, Julia Oxen, Abby Shatner, Rebecca Corry and another woman, who preferred not to disclose his name, had accused the comedian in public Masturbation.

Goodman and Oxen said that in 2002 during the festival, in Colorado, C. K. was invited to their room to celebrate a performance. There he asked them permission to show his penis. Taking the words of the actor for the joke, the women laughed. Then he undressed and started to masturbate.

Sackner, said that in 2003, C. K. masturbated, discussing with her on the phone offer on the set.

According to Corry, in 2005 in the dressing room of one of the television show, the comedian invited her to watch how he Masturbates, and she refused.

The publication writes that the Manager reported the failure of ck to comment on the allegations. However, after they were made public, has canceled scheduled for November 17, premiere of new film the comedian, «I love you, daddy.» He also refused to appear in television shows Stephen Colbert The Late Show.

Recently, several well-known politicians and actors have become involved in sex scandals.

In early October, the New York Times published an investigation about sexual harassment Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in relation to Actresses and subordinates, which, according to the newspaper, lasted for several decades. Actress Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne, Asia Argento, Ashley Judd, rose McGowan, Lucia Stoller, Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette stated that he knew or had experienced sexual harassment by Weinstein. According to CNN, the number of women accusing the producer of harassment has reached 40.

The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon resigned November 1 amid accusations by the journalist Julia Hartley-brewer in the sexual harassment 15 years ago.

American actor Anthony RAPP, Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, British bartender Daniel Beale and the American Director Tony Montana said about sexual harassment on the part of the actor Kevin spacey. Nine colleagues of the actor on starring in the TV series «house of cards» said that he made the filming process was «toxic» and behaved like a «predator».

Harassment by Austrian politician Peter Pilz said two women, one of whom said that the hands Pilz «was everywhere.»

Also harassment, said the bodyguard of the singer Merii Cary Michael Anello. According to him, she is deliberately appeared in front of him in an open transparent negligee.

American comedian accused of sexual harassment of five women 10.11.2017

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