American advocate: > one of the creatures of Russian propaganda

The US has no Russophobia, and this is «absolute fact». This broadcast of «Radio Liberty» said the American human rights activist Yuri Yarym-Agayev.

«Russophobia is one of the specific creations of Russian propaganda, made in the Kremlin and on Lubyanka. It’s their idea, they started it», – he said.

According to human rights activist, the real reasons for the us sanctions, which in Russia is explained by Russophobia, enclosed in the Russian actions.

«The Russian authorities fully to change this and improve relations with America, if they will do the necessary steps in your direction to fix what they have done. They do not want and can not. Putin caught between Scylla and Charybdis or, Soviet-style, between a rock and a hard place. Because, on the one hand, he is not against improving relations with America, but that he should abandon all those actions that made him popular inside Russia itself, namely the need to leave the Donbass, to return the Crimea, to stop supporting American enemies (and he’s on anti-Americanism has created its position), cover the entire propaganda machine in the form of RT trolls and stuff,» said Yarym-Agayev.

He believes that the Russians, wanting to get away from the real facts and the real causes of complications of relations with America, «came up with the idea of Russophobia.»

As evidence that the US has no Russophobia, the human rights activist cited the lack of Americans insulting names for Russian citizens.

«Russia such names come up for the America that we know,» he said.

For 2014-2015 the US and European countries in several stages introduced personal and sectoral sanctions against citizens and companies involved in the annexation of Crimea by Russia and hostilities in the Donbass.

2 August 2017, the US President, Donald trump has signed a law on new restrictive measures against Russia.

On 29 September, the office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the U.S. Treasury Department issued amendments to the directives of the orders of the President of the United States on sanctions against Russia, which shorten the time of crediting of physical and legal entities under U.S. sanctions.

The changes cover the financial and energy sectors of the Russian Federation and are connected with the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

While the amendments introduced in accordance with the law «On combating Russian influence in Europe and Eurasia 2017». According to the amendments, it is prohibited to conduct operations, to provide funding or perform other monetary transactions with firms under sanctions for more than 14 days. Prior to that time operations were limited to 30 days.

American advocate: > one of the creatures of Russian propaganda 04.12.2017

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