American actress and singer confessed to the rape

Star of the TV series «the wild West» (Westworld) Evan Rachel wood admitted that he raped twice.

About this actress and singer said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and then added in his Twitter a few details of the incident.

«For the first time did the guy I met. The second time — the owner of the bar,» wrote wood. She added that he could no longer keep quiet about it, reports

«It was many years ago. Now I understand that it’s not my fault,» said the actress.

Wood is known for the films «Thirteen», «the ides of March», «the wrestler». Several times nominated for «Golden globe» and «Emmy». Three years was met with shock rocker Marilyn Manson. In 2010, they got engaged a few months broke up.

Premiere of the debut season of «the wild West» took place on 2 October. In social networks actively discussing were present in the first episodes scenes of violence against women. Evan wood has urged viewers to wait for the next series, which will allow us to understand the context of the film. Not to condemn the violence immediately.

«I don’t like the unpunished cruelty to women. But I urge to wait a bit. To understand the context. In the series, the violence is shown as one of the manifestations of human character,» explained wood.

The action series «the World of the wild West» takes place in the future. The development of artificial intelligence allowed us to create a fully robotic theme parks. This is a reconstruction of various historical eras.

The plot revolves around one of the parks «Western world». Due to a failure in the system of the cyborg-the cowboys fail. Begin to rape and kill visitors. Evan wood plays the role of a local girl, Dolores Abernathy, working in the Park.

The project was shot on the motives of the American sci-Fi film by Michael Crichton «the Western world». He was released in 1973.

Except Evan wood the series also starred Hollywood stars Anthony Hopkins and ed Harris.

American actress and singer confessed to the rape 30.11.2016

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