Almost half of Ukrainians are satisfied with their health and do not suffer from loneliness poll

Ukrainians in General are satisfied with their health, half of them play sports and do not experience loneliness, as evidenced by the results of research conducted by the Sociological group «Rating» in December of 2016.

According to research, 45% of Ukrainians of working age (men 18-65, woman 18-60 years) to rate their health as good or very good, 43% as satisfactory and 12% as bad or very bad. Among men, more of those who consider their health good or very good, compared with women (49% and 39%, respectively).

Just under a third (29%) of Ukrainians say they have a chronic disease, in the same time 71% — say no. The majority (58%) of those who are chronically ill have one disease, 29% two, 13% three or more. Among the citizens more than those who claim they have chronic diseases than among rural residents.

38% of respondents said that they visited the doctor over the past year, while 62 per cent did not attend. A third of those who said that she visited the doctor once a year, 28% twice, 16% three, 10% four times, 15% five or more times. Elderly people, women and citizens are more visited doctors over the last year. Also more of those who visited the doctor among respondents not involved in sports. It is interesting that often visit doctors, those who do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.

11% said they were treated at the hospital over the past year, and 89% were not. Almost half (44%) of those who were hospitalized, stayed in the hospital 1 day, 24% — 2-7 days 32% — more than 8 days.

According to the study, 38% of the respondents admitted that they smoke, while 62% do not smoke. Of those who smoke, 23% once smoked, and 77% never smoked. Respondents in the older age group (51 years and above) relatively less smoke than respondents in the younger age groups. Among men in 3 times more smokers than among women. Among the poorest segments of the population of those who smoke are also more.

Only 2% of respondents said that they consume alcoholic drinks (including low alcohol drinks such as beer) almost every day 12% several times a week 36% several times a month, 34% several times a year, 16% did not drink alcohol. Men said that drink alcohol almost twice as often as women.

The better the state of health of the respondents, the more of them who says that consume alcohol. The most and least affluent respondents drink alcohol more often than those with middle income.

Only 9% of respondents do sports almost every day, 15% said they do it several times a week 14% several times a month 12% a few times a year. At the same time, 50% of respondents do not exercise at all. Men are engaged in activities relatively more than women.

In the past month 8% of respondents felt the sadness and hopelessness almost every day, 23% have such feelings a few times a week, almost half (44%) — a few times a month, at the same time, a quarter of respondents said that they had not experienced sadness and grief lately.

In the last month, 5% felt alone almost every day 12% several times a week 28% several times a month, more than half (54%) experienced loneliness in the past month at all.

The older the respondents, the worse the condition and the smaller the income, the more Ukrainians felt depression, sadness and had a bad mood. The same trend is observed for those who have lower social status expressed less a sense of control over their lives and the satisfaction level of them.

The older the respondents, the worse their health status and the less they provided, the more they feel alone. Women feel loneliness more often than men.

The lower the social position occupied by the respondents, the less expressed a sense of control over their lives and the satisfaction of them, the more they felt lonely in the last month.

The survey was conducted from 1 to 10 December 2016 among the working population of Ukraine (men: 18-65, women 18-60 years). The sample is representative by age, sex, region and type of settlement. The sample of 1,580 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The inaccuracy of not more than 2.5%.

Earlier it was reported that the residents of Ukraine consider good health and the presence of influential relatives important criteria for achieving high social status in the country, whereas in the West it is more desired skills and quality education. On such evaluation Ukrainians show the results of the national monthly survey «omnibus».

Almost half of Ukrainians are satisfied with their health and do not suffer from loneliness poll 25.01.2017

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