Allenov: the national guard under Ukraine reform of sergeants and sergeants to NATO standards

The commander of the National guard of Ukraine (NSU), Lieutenant-General Yuri Alleru summed up in 2016 and outlined plans for 2017.

«Reforming the corps of non-commissioned officers (petty officers) of the composition according to NATO standards is an important part of the reform of professional the National guard of Ukraine. Approved the Concept of development of the professional sergeants and petty officers of the National guard of Ukraine. (…) It is planned to create vertical posts for sergeants and sergeants and conditions for their professional development; improving the system of their multilevel training as the approach adopted in the NATO countries, redistribution of responsibilities sergeants and sergeants for the state of Affairs in military collectives» — said Alleron in an interview published on the website of NSU on Tuesday, January 3.

Among the achievements of last year, he called the establishment of a Centre for training of trainers for military and special training in accordance with NATO standards in the Training center, which has already produced 123 instructors, 96 — keep learning.

Speaking about the cooperation NSU with other countries, the commander said that the National guard increased its interaction with military and law enforcement agencies of member countries and partner countries of the EU and NATO (national guard of California, the Troops of carabinieri, gendarmerie of Romania, the French national gendarmerie, the Armed forces of Poland, the gendarmerie of Turkey, people’s armed police of China, the national guard of Georgia), etc. are also Implemented various projects with defence, law enforcement (and sometimes public organizations) of the United States, Romania and Estonia. In addition, introduced the cooperation with the Ministries of defence of Canada, the UK and Sweden.

Alleru also reported that members of the NSU are involved in the international peacekeeping and security (the UN mission), 13 national guardsmen are serving overseas in the headquarters of UN — one, the Democratic Republic of the Congo — 4, Cyprus — one in côte d’ivoire — two, in South Sudan 4, Liberia — one.

In the context of tasks in zone anti-terrorist operation commander of the NSU noted that now the national guard along with other security agencies performs insulation-restrictive and kontrdiversionnoy events in the ATO zone.

«This year alone, the military personnel of divisions of special purpose of the NSU were detained and handed over to the authorities of the security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine 409 people suspected of involvement in the activities of illegal armed groups and criminal activities on the territory of Ukraine and abroad», — he said.

Earlier it was reported that the National guard took the police Association of Europe in observer status.

Allenov: the national guard under Ukraine reform of sergeants and sergeants to NATO standards 03.01.2017

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