Aleksievich and the moon came out from the «Russian PEN centre»

After the writers Lev Rubinshtein and Alexander Ilichevsky once human rights organization «Russian PEN-center» left Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich and forced earlier to leave the territory of the Russian Federation, the author of historical novels Boris Akunin (Grigory Chkhartishvili).

Such a decision Aleksievich gave Moscow the TV channel «Rain». According to her, this step is associated «with the exception of the organization of the writer and journalist Sergey Parkhomenko«, — underlined in the message.

«The Russian PEN-centre» that (human rights — ed.) is not engaged, and therefore, no relation to the PEN movement has not. The task of the entire activity «of the Russian human rights center» only, so as not to anger the authorities. I share the views of PEN-motion, but please continue not to associate me with «the Russian PTS». I no longer» — wrote in turn Akunin in Facebook.

On the eve of the decision to leave the organization reported Ilichevsky and Rubinstein. As stated by the latter, the reasons for leaving were the actions of the leadership of the organization: it was excluded from the club of some colleagues and took the «repressive measures» against them.

A new series of outputs from «Russian PEN centre» began after expulsion from its ranks of publicist, journalist, radio host and social activist («Discerned,» «the Last address») Parkhomenko, former editor-in-chief of the magazines «Itogi», «Around the world» and the «Daily journal».

The reason for this was his publication in support of the Ukrainian political prisoner, filmmaker Oleg Sentsov.

Recall that in December last year asking about the release of Sentsov to Putin personally addressed the Russian film Director Alexander Sokurov.

Aleksievich and the moon came out from the «Russian PEN centre» 11.01.2017

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