Alain Delon has undergone surgery

The daughter of French actor Alain Delon, 27-year-old Anushka, admitted that her father operated. She told newspaper Le Parisien.

According to the girl, the actor underwent a surgery in the area of the femoral artery. She noted that this was elective surgery, because the last two or three years, I suffered from circulation problems in the leg and received a bypass surgery.

Anouska Delon added that her father couldn’t take care of his ex-wife Mireille d’arc, but his hospitalization has nothing to do with it.

Actress Dark died in late August.

Mother daughter Delon of Anushka – Dutch model Rosal van Bremen. She also gave birth to the actor’s son Alain-Fabien (1994). Even the actor has a son, Christian Aaron (1962) from the singer Nico and the son of Anthony (1964) from Natalie Barthelemy.

Alain Delon has undergone surgery 28.09.2017

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