Air travel because of global warming will become longer and tickets more expensive, scientists have found

Despite the fact that the air flows in connection with global warming now moves with greater speed, transatlantic flights will become longer, according to the results of a study by British scientists.

Flight from the UK to the USA began to take longer. Although the flight back was shorter, the total time on the way there and back still increased, according to BBC, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Scientists from the University of reading, published the results of his research in the journal Environmental Research Letters, argue that increased travel time leads to an increase in carbon emissions and fuel consumption, and all this ultimately will increase the cost of the tickets.

Air flow at high altitude in the Northern and southern hemispheres have sufficient force to affect the velocity of the air around the globe. Airlines usually try to use the velocity of flows going from West to East, to reduce the flight time between Europe and North America. This is one of the busiest air routes, daily it goes the route of almost 600 flights.

Previous studies have shown that climate change will likely result in increased turbulence for transatlantic flights.

In the new study, the researchers modeled the dynamics of changes in atmospheric winds on the condition of doubling of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Modelling of flights in new conditions and on the same routes, which are now used in transatlantic flights, showed that the wind speed on the route new York — London increased by 15%. As a result of capital flight from Britain to the American town takes an average of 7 hours, and the flight back to London — about 5 hours 20 minutes.

Although the time spent in the air, in each case, changing only for a few minutes, the consequences will be very noticeable, proves the study.

«If you look at a round-trip flight, you will see that the time you save when you fly from new York, still not enough to cover the difference incurred during the longer flights to new York. That is, the total time that the aircraft spends in the air, still increased. And if we consider all TRANS-Atlantic flights, you will receive an additional 2 thousand hours of flight per year, the growth of fuel consumption by $22 million and 70 million kg of carbon emissions», says Paul Williams from the University of reading.

According to the study, this amount of CO2 equivalent to the yearly emissions produced 7 thousand houses in the UK.

Accurate data and measurements of changes of velocity of air flow there. Scientists have been based on the fact that the shortest flights from new York to London, committed in January last year, took 5 hours 16 minutes.

«We know that the temperature difference between warm tropical and cold polar air and creates the velocity of air flow, says Williams. — We understand that temperature affects global warming, and, as the temperature increases, the speed of air flow is growing.»

Scientists believe that as a result of all these changes will also raise the cost of air travel, which will have to cover greater fuel consumption.

Recall that in late 2015 190 countries participating in the climate conference after nearly two weeks of intense negotiations, agreed on the text of the outcome document. While the content is not disclosed, however, the agreement concluded at the end of the warmest year on the planet for the entire history of observations, high hopes are pinned to limit the contribution of mankind to global warming.

Air travel because of global warming will become longer and tickets more expensive, scientists have found 11.02.2016

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