After the statements trump China has deployed Intercontinental ballistic missiles near the border with Russia

Media of Hong Kong and Taiwan reported the appearance of free photos of Intercontinental ballistic missiles «Dongfeng-41», placed in the province of Heilongjiang near the border with Russia. Military analysts believe that this is the second missile system that entered service strategic missile brigade and it is deployed in the North-East of China, writes with reference to the Chinese resource the Global Times.

«Dongfeng-41» — developed in the Chinese nuclear solid-fuel missile with a blast radius, according to various estimates, from 12 to 14 thousand kilometers. Equipped with MIRV warheads, which includes 10 nuclear blocks of individual guidance. Missile able to reach U.S. coast in half an hour.

As noted by a Chinese publication, according to analysts, the leaked photos of the «Dongfeng-41» was anything but accidental and it is linked to Beijing’s response to statements of US President Donald trump against China.

«The Chinese nuclear potential must be so strong that no country would dare start a military confrontation with China under any circumstances, and so that China could retaliate against those who are satisfied with military provocations. Military clash with the United States is the last thing China wants, but China’s nuclear Arsenal should be able to contain US,» writes The Global Times.

The article notes that «the United States has not shown sufficient respect for the military power of China», and the command of the Asia-Pacific military forces of the United States regularly flexes his muscles and shows arrogance. In such circumstances, «China should provide a level of strategic military power, which forced to show respect».

As reported by the website DWNews, it is assumed that China has completed the testing of the «Dongfeng-41» 15 Jan. After that, the Hong Kong media reported on the movement of rocket launchers near the city of Daqing in Heilongjiang province. Two weeks before this missile was accidentally shot on video by a motorist. Defence Blog, reporting on the movement of ballistic missiles, said that «Dongfeng-41» is called «murderer USA».

We will remind, the us President Donald trump, who took office on January 20, last month held a telephone conversation with President of Taiwan, Cai Envenom. Up to this point, Washington for almost 40 years followed the policy of recognizing one China. Actions trump caused a sharp negative reaction from Beijing.

In the list of priority Affairs of the new American President, according to his press service, is a formal accusation of China’s currency manipulation.

Monday, January 23, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer , in his speech at the briefing said the representative of the United States administration to take steps to thwart the plans of China to expand its influence in the South China sea.

Earlier, Rex Tillerson, the proposed trump as the state Secretary, has compared China’s actions, claiming some of the Islands in the South China sea, with Russia’s actions in Crimea, like The Guardian. Tillerson confirmed the intention of the White house to give Beijing «a clear signal» that the US «will not allow» China to carry out his intentions.

Press Secretary of the Russian President , Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the information about the location of Chinese missiles near the Russian border, said that the Kremlin is not considering military construction in China as security threats.

«Any action in terms of the development of the Chinese armed forces, if this information is true, then, at least military construction in China is not perceived as a threat to our country», — quoted Peskov «Interfax».

After the statements trump China has deployed Intercontinental ballistic missiles near the border with Russia 24.01.2017

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