After a night pursuit with shooting patrol will pass psychological rehabilitation — Gerashchenko

Responsible for the death of a man shot during overnight police pursuit BMW assumes the driver of the car. This was stated by MP, member of the Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko on his page in Facebook.

«Tonight the Kyiv patrol police had to use weapons to stop a group of drunken Imbeciles, staged a race on the night Kiev. … Convinced that now in social networks and on TV, some «experts» will start speculation on the subject, the pier patrol police — «the fumbler», wrong and wrong shot, could not prevent the death of the guy and the like. And I believe that the responsibility for the death of a guy who is primarily the driver of the BMW, which, instead of stopping and to issue an administrative Protocol on violation of traffic rules and be held accountable for possession of drugs, only continued to push the gas pedal,» writes Gerashchenko.

He also notes that the use of firearms in this case is fully consistent with the rule of subparagraph 7 of paragraph 4 of article 46 of the law «On the national police».

Also Gerashchenko reported that the BMW car, at the wheel which was the drunk driver, speeds up to 190 kilometers per hour and several times during the chase traveled into the oncoming lane of Shevchenko Boulevard and Victory Avenue.

«Thank God, half an hour chase with moving into the oncoming lane at the speed almost like a «Formula 1″ any inhabitant or visitor of the city was not injured. The guy who died very sorry for all of us. In the event of a frontal collision victims could be a lot of», — writes Gerashchenko.

He noted that in the car in a small amount was detected marijuana, «the presence of which, perhaps, could encourage young people to counter the police».

«On this fact, as required by law, the Prosecutor’s office checked the legality of the use of weapons. And the police, who had, as in the Hollywood blockbuster, to use firearms for the car that was moving at great speed, will undergo psychological rehabilitation», — added Gerashchenko.

We will remind, in Kiev in the night of Sunday, the 7th of February, about twenty crews of the patrol police were put on alert to stop offenders. In a shooting at the wheels on a high speed bullet hit the passenger car — was lost 17-the summer guy.

The driver and the other passengers were detained. Concerning the driver criminal case for obstructing the work of law enforcement officers.

After a night pursuit with shooting patrol will pass psychological rehabilitation — Gerashchenko 08.02.2016

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