Afanasiev blood poisoning, but the Russian colony he received no treatment — lawyer

Ukrainian Gennady Afanasievsentenced in Russia for seven years in a penal colony on the so-called case of «Crimean terrorists», is sick with blood poisoning. However, the staff of the prison chamber, where it is woven last week from a Federal penitentiary does not provide the requisite medical care.

On Monday 15 February the lawyer reported Afanasyev Alexander Popkov, transmits Radio «Freedom».

The convict himself suggests that he became infected when he was convoyed to a colony in Syktyvkar.

«It was a long ride, there were no conditions to take a shower, it was cold, dirty, linen was not given,» – said Popkov.

According to him, due to the illness Afanasyev sent to the hospital, but the doctors «did nothing and sent it back.» The lawyer noted that his client is not given the necessary medication.

Afanasyev tightened conditions of serving the sentence translation in the camera prison after during a search in the colony he found the SIM card. However, the firm claims that it has been planted by the correctional officers.

Gennady Afanasiev is a defendant in a criminal case against Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of organizing a terrorist organization in the Crimea.

The case against Afanasyev were considered in a special manner, because he testified and reminded the other defendants in the case. However, at the trial he recanted his testimony, claiming torture during interrogation. He reported that he slandered Sentsov and terrorist organizations did not exist.

Afanasiev blood poisoning, but the Russian colony he received no treatment — lawyer 16.02.2016

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