Activists will not impede the return of the Russian trucks in Russia

The activists involved in blocking the Russian trucks on Ukrainian territory, agreed to let them back in Russia. About this on his page in Facebook said one of the organizers Taras Deyak.

«I agree miss Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine to Russia in response to the unblocking of Ukrainian vehicles, cargo and drivers in the movement across borders of Russia towards Ukraine. Do it for the Ukrainians, in particular, of our countrymen-leaving impoverished, many remained «hostage» in Russia without the ability to go home», — stated in the message.

However, activists will continue monitoring at borders and major roads in the state.

«Leave organized mobile groups, which if necessary will be promptly respond to the situation. Created in regions of Ukraine, the coordinating staff will monitor and will be ready for further action. In particular, for possible recovery of the stock to confront the Russian business in Ukraine», — said Deak.

Also activists said that their demand for the ban of transit of goods through the territory of Ukraine partly implemented.

«Stress the need to approve the decision of a permanent ban on the movement of goods and business occupation in Ukraine», — said the activist.

As reported, Ukraine and the Russian Federation agreed to temporarily, for the period from 16 February until 25 February 2016, to restore the movement of freight vehicles on the territories of both countries, which was blocked a few days ago.

The decision will allow more than 600 Ukrainian cars that are blocked in the territory of the Russian Federation or sent to Ukraine from Asia, from 16 to 25 February inclusive to freely return to Ukraine.

Activists will not impede the return of the Russian trucks in Russia 17.02.2016

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