Activists want police to patrol the neighboring areas of Crimea

Civil Association «Asker» will organize joint police patrols Henichesk, Kalanchak and Chaplinka districts of Kherson region. This was stated by the head of the headquarters of the campaign to block the passage of goods to the Crimea Lenur islyamov in comments Crimea.Realities.

Is an Association formed by participants in a civil blockade Russia annexed the Crimea, now it is completing its legal registration.

«This is not the fight against extremism and separatism, and the fight with looting, with such elementary things as the theft of personal property from people,» said islyamov.

«Interaction with the police in terms of security in these areas, restoring order there. Maybe the police are still not enough to the extent that is needed in this area, so we will help,» he explained.

According to Islyamov, such plans are agreed with the local police.

At the moment the training of activists with the border guards, and will continue to undergo training with the police for joint patrols.

Head of Henichesk police Andrey Leshenko confirmed that these patrols are planned.

«This practice exists not only in our area, but all over Ukraine. People are showing an active citizen, helping the police in policing. We should welcome it», — he said.

Leshchenko noted that the patrols are planning to organize after the activists will pass the the registration process of the Association and will be finished «all legal issues».

«This is not the first civil formation which, together with the police is serving in the area. We have the civil formation of a «Hort», whose members together with our employees serve on policing in Novooleksiyivka», he said.

It was reported that activists from the civil formation of the «Asker» will be divided into three groups who will be on duty on CPW in «Kalanchak and Chaplinka», «Chongar». However, the timing of the start joint with the border guards service unknown.

According to activists, they will not get paid, because doing their job on a voluntary basis. But the form was allegedly as charitable assistance from Turkey, and will continue to rely on donations.

Earlier, the national leader of Crimean Tatars, representative of the President of Ukraine on Affairs of the Crimean Tatar people, MP of Ukraine (fraction «Block of Petro Poroshenko») Mustafa Dzhemilev has declared its intention to create a military unit in the Kherson region, on the border with Crimea.

«On the border of the Crimea, we want to create a military unit, it will enter into the Russian armed forces and to submit to the Ministry of defence of Ukraine. But Ukraine is limited. There are issues with the arrangement of the locations, uniforms, weapons, military power, etc., are not enough opportunities for military experience and education and medical services. On the agenda – all these expenses», — he said to QHA Agency following his visit to Ankara on December 16-17.

Crimean Tatar battalion will perform the tasks assigned by the General staff, but the main task – protection of the border of the Crimea in the Crimea.This was stated by one of the coordinators of the siege of Crimea, the owner of the ATR channel Lenur islyamov. In the Crimean Tatar volunteer battalion named Noman of Celebicihan will serve 560 people. The battalion is awaiting the assignment of a military unit and is already receiving volunteer assistance, and the Ministry of defense of Turkey donated 250 sets of military uniforms.

Recall that last weekend islyamov announced the creation of Crimean Tatar battalion, which will be included in the APU. Islyamov is one of the coordinators of the civilian blockade of the Crimea, organized by Crimean Tatars and civil activists, including the «Right sector». Occupants in the Crimea in absentia accused him of subversive activities.

Activists want police to patrol the neighboring areas of Crimea 25.02.2016

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