Activists tried to demolish the fence near inter. At KCSA has promised to do it in three days

Today, October 6, activists picketed the premises of the TV channel «inter» and tried to demolish the fence that enclosed the area of the channel.

It is reported by the Censor.NO.

Activists who had intended today to take down the fence around the building of the TV channel «inter» on the street Demetrius, 30, decided to end today’s action, as the representative of the KCSA (Taras Panchi, the first Deputy Director of the Department of urban development and the preservation of the natural environment — the chief of control for landscaping) assured that the fence will be removed within three days, and in the case that a channel will not remove this fence, it will make Kievblagoustroystvo along with the activists.

The participants of the action, and there were about 20 people, took his ax and saw and went.

The promoter Aleksey Seredyuk, a representative of the Ukrainian Union of veterans of the ATO warned that the activists will be back in three days.

Recall, September 4, during a protest against the editorial policy of the channel «inter» in the Studio of the TV company «National information systems» started the fire.

Suffered by several employees of the company.

A number of protesters were detained by the police. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, reported that most of the protesters are former servicemen of the 30th mechanized brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Advisor to the Minister Zoryan Shkiryak stated that the Ministry consider the version of arson of a television Studio, and arson, which may be involved in the administration of the channel.

On 5 September the building of «inter» fence. And the activists were planning to organize the Outpost and set up tents for the rally.

President Petro Poroshenko instructed the Prosecutor General to take the investigation under his personal control.

«Inter» has been repeatedly criticized for Pro-Russian content.

Recently in the Internet was posted the correspondence of the former creative producer of the final news program «Details weeks», the citizen of the Russian Federation Maria Stolyarova with the Kremlin propagandist Leonid Muravyov, where they talked about the coordination of subjects in favor of the separatists, the execution of political orders of the Kremlin.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov also said that the ideology of information policy of «inter», Russian citizen Igor Shuvalov should be expelled from the country.

In this case, the TV channel said they would not change their editorial policy at the request of the protesters as the guide for her «not ashamed».

Activists tried to demolish the fence near inter. At KCSA has promised to do it in three days 06.10.2016

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