Action urged Putin to withdraw troops from Donbas

Employees of the security service of Ukraine (SBU) detained a resident of Kramatorsk of Donetsk region, which contributed to the militants «DNR» and was on duty at the posts of the enemy. Arrested man called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to withdraw Russian troops from the Donbass. On 18 February, the press service of the SBU.

«I have a request to Mr. Putin, so he took their kids who are dying here too,» said a detainee named Ruslan.

He also added that the terrorists recruited him into his group, but he refused.

«When the militants fled from the city, they asked me to join the «Donetsk people’s Republic», but I refused, I refused, why, because I saw, what there a contingent. The contingent consisted of drug addicts and alcoholics, I refused,» – said the detainee.

In addition, he urged the militants to lay down their arms.

Earlier, police arrested the Deputy leader of the militants Igor Girkin (strelkov).

Action urged Putin to withdraw troops from Donbas 19.02.2016

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