Accused of war crimes Yanukovych said on the third anniversary of Euromaidan, and Azarov have offended the Heavenly hundred

The accused in military, political and economic crimes fugitive former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who is currently hiding in Russia, believes that the Euromaidan was supposedly ruled by the representatives of the United States. He stated that Director Oliver stone for his antimaydanovskogo film «Ukraine in flames», according to the Russian government news Agency «RIA Novosti».

«Very often guests were representatives of U.S. congressmen, Mrs. (Victoria) Nuland… When protesters seized government buildings, institutions, tell me, is this acceptable in any other country. For example, to the Ukrainian Ambassador came to protesters in Ferguson and was handing out cookies or cakes and accused officers of the United States? I believe that this is unacceptable in any European country. Why Ukraine had such an attitude?» — said Yanukovych.

According to him, «the US Ambassador in Ukraine are representatives of the Maidan in the Embassy.»

«We knew very well we were tracking. The impression was that the U.S. Embassy there is a staff that controls this process. On February 20-21, it was already clear that began an armed coup. The scenario of the seizure of power and the coup was inevitable,» — said Yanukovych.

According to him, the decision to postpone the signing of the Association Agreement was only right, since the EU and US have set up ostensibly unacceptable conditions.

In turn, the ex-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov (accused of economic crimes) also wrote on his page in Facebook that the decision on this Agreement was true and also blamed the United States.

«However, the United States and certain circles in the EU have forced us to choose: either to go in the Wake of the aggressive policy of the US and the EU against Russia, or to give power to the puppets of the Washington regime. Because we refused such a fatally tragic for Ukraine a choice, we began to implement the scenario of a coup», he said.

Azarov also rude and dismissive form spoke about the shootings of civilians on the Maidan.

«Now the organizers of the coup «donated» part of «extras», organizing the slaughter of so-called «Heavenly hundred», — he wrote.

Premiere of «Ukraine in the fire» will take place on TV channel «Ren-TV», included in the family media Empire of Putin at the head of Alina Kabaeva. In the role of «expert» for Ukraine and the Euromaidan there are, in fact, Putin, Yanukovych, the former head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry Vitaly Zakharchenko, the American journalist Robert parry. In this tape, it all comes down to what the Ukrainian people, according to the above mentioned persons was not capable of independent protest and their organization are the us government and intelligence agencies.

According to Russian observers, therefore, the Kremlin is trying to neutralize Russia in the growing protest mood and, in particular, which became a popular Internet meme revolutionary concept «05.11.2017». Proponents of this idea now every weekend staged a mass «stroll» around the Kremlin (without slogans and paraphernalia).

A few days ago, the FSB and FSO training «reflect the storm» of the Kremlin. However, as noted by one of the new ideologues of the Russian opposition Vyacheslav Maltsev, none of the «three» of the most effective actions of Putin’s opponents, at each of which «they (the authorities — ed.) will pop out from there (ie the Kremlin)» the exercise has not been addressed.

That revolution may occur in Russia in 2017 — a year before the next «re-election» of the leader of this country — said the head of the Fund «Open Russia», policement Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

It is worth noting that the anti-Putin opposition guarantees the extradition of Yanukovych, Azarov and other prominent «regions» in Ukraine after the overthrow of the ruling in Russia regime.

Accused of war crimes Yanukovych said on the third anniversary of Euromaidan, and Azarov have offended the Heavenly hundred 22.11.2016

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