Abromavicius explained his resignation: it is a cold shower for the management of the country

The resigned Minister of economic development aivaras abromavicius does not want to be part of the existing system at the top of government. He declared it in interview to the edition «New time».

Abromavicius waiting on the PPB faction

«I’m part of this system would not want to be… We do not overcome corruption, not only in state-owned companies. We didn’t overcome lawlessness in the courts, the Prosecutor’s office. There everything remained the same. But GFS is worth», he stressed.

He also noted that the business wants to get their money back «in full to recover VAT and no roll back».

Abromavicius believes that in order to move the corrupt system of authority is required to appoint to responsible positions of several people who «want to break and change».

«I said a few days ago: we or two steps away from a breakthrough or two away from failure. Some of the following appointments in the government will greatly influence where we move on. If the technocrats is needed, not managers…», he said.

According to Abromavicius, now need a «very different approaches and moral principles».

«Unfortunately, we have a crisis of values, and when you see the list of people who have nothing to do with normal moral values, then you understand that we are closer to failure», he added.

«We continue to do the reform of state-owned companies, while realizing that the state is a bad owner and only privatization will save us from all this news, and political corruption. It’s a good law on financing of political parties from the budget. This immediately minimizes the need to pull from a huge state-owned funds, including the officials of the SFS, then the money played in the elections. We came up with a statutory audit to publish financial statements – this was nothing. Created a nominating Committee (for selecting heads of state companies – ed.). But it didn’t work. Was sabotage in the appointment of people to leadership positions in state companies», — he told.

According to him, sabotage, and political pressure began to line ministries.

«We have removed the possibility of setting up a competition line Ministry on the top 60 companies, and has taken this feature under the Ministry of economy. And, of course, the appeal of the Minister of the economy immediately increased. There «Naftogaz» added to the office. It’s not so much that «Naftogaz» has decided from the Ministry of fuel and energy to transfer to anybody. Ahead of the reform of the NJSC «Naftogaz» is the EBRD, which gave tremendous credit. Therefore, the EBRD, who knows who’s here and what is said (to transfer «Naftogaz» to the management) in the Ministry of economy. After that, the attractiveness and the importance the Minister of the economy rose to the skies,» — said Abromavicius.

«This resulted in the beginning of this year in the desire to steer these threads. Pressure crazy. I decided not to participate,» he said.

Abromavicius waiting on the PPB faction

The Minister of economic development and trade will come on Thursday at a meeting of BPP fraction «Solidarity». About this «Ukrainian truth» said the sides in the faction.

«Officially we have a standard order. Unofficially — to be (present). So Yes, he will come», — said the source.

As noted by the MP, the meeting of the party scheduled for 9 am.

In addition, one of the deputies of BPP noted that the statement of the Minister in the faction different.

«Now we have three conditional groups: those who support the official website, those who do not support him and, say, the swamp,» he said.

3 February Abromavicius announced his decision to resign. One of the main reasons he called the pressure and corrupt practices by the people’s Deputy from «Blok Petro Poroshenko» Igor Kononenko, whom the media also referred to as «financial guarantor» of the President of Ukraine.

Abromavicius deputies also resigned.

Kononenko called emotional decision Abromavicius and considers it an attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for failures in the work of the Ministry.

In the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings on application by the Minister of economic development.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has promised to protect the members of the Cabinet from the pressure, but noted that «resignation is to escape from the battlefield».

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with Abromavicius and stated that he should remain at his post. The Minister took the time at the thought.

Ambassadors of European countries, USA and Canada also opposed the resignation of Abromavicius.

At the end of 2015 after a year and a half to work in the civil service to resign from the post of first Deputy Minister of infrastructure left , Vladimir his arm, and from the post of first Deputy head of the national Bank of Ukraine Alexander Pisaruk, and in January – the first Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development Ruslan Korzh, All prior to his appointment he worked in the business.

We will remind also that on September 18, 2015 the Verkhovna Rada did not support the resignation of the healthcare Minister Alexander Kvitashvili.

In December, the resignation of the Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky. In January 2016 to leave the Cabinet decided and the Minister of agrarian policy and food Alex Pavlenko.

The parliamentary coalition is discussing changing the composition of the Cabinet.

Abromavicius explained his resignation: it is a cold shower for the management of the country 04.02.2016

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