Abromavicius collects documents about the abuse for NABOO

The Minister of economic development and trade aivaras abromavicius intends to provide investigators anti-Corruption Bureau evidence of abuse in state-owned companies and of the pressure he was under. He reported about it in interview «RBC-Ukraine».

«I am now at the Ministry of almost are not engaged. What I do is gather the documents that Monday to go to NABOO and pass it. I have enough other factual information, … bring the documents and for state-owned enterprises,» said Abromavicius .

The Minister stated that the public does not trust law enforcement and the court system, and expressed the hope that the NABU will be able to investigate the matter objectively.

«Unfortunately, in the society of confidence in the courts and Prosecutor’s office no. I have said this before, paid attention and asked them to accelerate judicial reform. As for NABOO, I really hope that this new body will work differently. My statements will be a kind of test. They had the resonance, the society is watching them, so hope for the result,» — said abromavicius.

NABOO is waiting for Abromavicius for questioning on 8 February.

As reported, on 3 February the Minister of economic development and trade aivaras abromavicius announced his decision to resign. One of the main reasons he called the pressure and corrupt practices by the people’s Deputy from «Blok Petro Poroshenko» Igor Kononenko, whom the media also referred to as «financial guarantor» of the President of Ukraine.

Abromavicius deputies also resigned.

Kononenko called emotional decision Abromavicius and considers it an attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for failures in the work of the Ministry.

In the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings on application by the Minister of economic development.

We will note that Igor Kononenko stated that removes from itself powers of the first Deputy Chairman of the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» against Abromavichus during the investigation. Kononenko also declared his readiness to lay down the mandate of people’s Deputy according to the decision of the faction, however, according to the leader of the faction Yuriy Lutsenko, the faction «BPP» has not supported the initiative about resignation of the mandate of the people’s Deputy Igor Kononenko. «If the NEB will establish the facts of corruption in action Kononenko, fraction definitely will go further in its decisions,» — said Lutsenko.

On 4 February, after an extraordinary Cabinet meeting, at which 4 the Minister, earlier submitted their resignation, announced the readiness to withdraw their applications, Abromavicius confirmed his intention to resign.

«My decision does not change, the statement is not withdrawn. Everything is very well thought of and signed the last document,» — said Abromavicius.

Abromavicius collects documents about the abuse for NABOO 06.02.2016

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