Abducted Estonian officer Russia exchanged their spy

Convicted in Russia for espionage Estonian Kohora traded for a former officer of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Estonia, Aleksei Dressen, who worked for the Russian security services. It is reported TASS with reference to the center of public relations of FSB of Russia.

«On September 26 at the border crossing «Kunichina mountain» in the Pskov region on the bridge over the river Piusa exchanged employee Estonian special services Kohora, sentenced in Russia for espionage, Aleksei Dressen, a former officer of the security police Department of Estonian Ministry of internal Affairs, who was serving a sentence for passing classified information to the Russian FSB,» — said in the message.

At the same time, the lawyer Hopes Savchenko mark Feigin on his page on Twitter said that this step of the Russian authorities can speed up the decision with respect to Nadiya Savchenko.

On the exchange also informs National radio of Estonia. According to him, the procedure took a few minutes.

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves thanked all those involved in the exchange of Estonian citizen, said in a statement on the official website of the President.

Estonia stated that its representative of the security services, who was in the border line, carrying out «special operation to curb cross-border crime», with the use of physical force and threats of weapons was abducted on Estonian territory by unknown, came from Russia, and there took out the stolen.

The incident occurred on the day of the end of the NATO summit, in which allies reaffirmed their determination to protect each other in case of attack Russia.

Abducted Estonian officer Russia exchanged their spy 26.09.2015

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