ABC. A Spanish court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Ukrainian oligarch who was close to former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump

Last Friday, the court of first instance in Barcelona «issued at the request of the Prosecutor’s office for combating corruption and organized crime, «the European arrest warrant and the results of» Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, who is accused of close ties to organized crime and money laundering in Spain 10 million euros, — income from suspected criminal activity,» write the journalists of ABC, Pablo muñoz and Cruz Morcillo.

«Billionaire Firtash, has an enormous influence in the country, a few years ago maintained a commercial relationship with Paul Manafort, the first head of the electoral headquarters of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump. These ties and contacts with multimillionaires, close to the Russian mafia and the President , forced the Trustee trump in August to retire» — reminiscent of the authors.

November 24, Spanish police arrested five people — three in Marbella (Malaga province) and two in Barcelona. «It was made to destroy the network of money laundering, which was used by the organization headed by Firtash», — stated in the article.

In Marbella, was arrested two lawyers — Antonio de Fortuny-and-Mines and his son Alejandro Manuel de Fortuny-Gamache. «According to investigators, they developed an intricate series of banking, trade and business, the only logical purpose of which was money laundering of their clients», — reports the edition.
The authors clarify: the client of the two lawyers was not Firtash, «one of his closest confidants — hares Youssef, who, apparently, were sent to the law office funds, which he translated Firtash. His right hand and therefore Deputy in Marbella was his son Maskim Youssef«- said in the article.

Arrested Spanish lawyer Susana Sola Iglesias. «Her primary responsibility in the organization was advising some of the operations considered questionable, and participation in them,» — says the article.

«In Barcelona he was arrested a member of one banking organization and a tax Advisor, is also suspected of involvement in the transactions money laundering», — adds the newspaper, without naming names.

The above-mentioned operation of the Spanish police, held November 24 — «this is the second phase of the operation «Variola,» the authors write. During the first phase in July this year, was detained 12 people, including Stepan Chernovetsky, son of the former mayor of Kiev.

According to the authors, Firtash Chernovetsky and United by the fact that «for money laundering in our country,» they resorted to the services of the same individuals — Susana Sola and Misbah Aldroubi.

«This is one of the most important operations in Spain, aimed at combating the mafia groups from the former USSR», — say the authors.

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ABC. A Spanish court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Ukrainian oligarch who was close to former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump 28.11.2016

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