A third of the gasoline in Ukraine does not meet the standards – Gospodarevskaya

The Department selected a sample of 31 of the fuel in Chernihiv, Kyiv, Transcarpathian, Odesa, Vinnytsia regions and in Kyiv.

A third of the gasoline samples selected for study at different gas stations in the Transcarpathian, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia, Odesa and Kyiv regions, do not meet state quality standards, according to the press service of the State service of food safety and consumer protection with reference to the head of Gospodarevskaya Volodymyr Lapa.

According to the report, the office had selected 31 samples of fuel, in particular, in the Chernigov region was selected 8 samples of gasoline, Kiev – 6, in Kiev – 8, in the Transcarpathian and Odessa regions – 4, Vinnytsia – 1. In one case, the inspectors admitted to the gas station for sampling.

«The results of the study revealed that out of this number of samples of petroleum products 15 meet the standards GSTU (state standard and technical conditions), in ten cases identified deviations from standards and five are still ongoing laboratory investigation», – stated in the message.

The press service did not specify at the pump some companies have been used to select samples of gasoline, but noted that inspectors visited the filling station solely on the basis of coming from the population of complaints. As notes the UNIAN, at the moment be in the process of calculating the amount of penalties. According to the law, the penalty is 300% of the value obtained for the implementation of low-quality shipments.

The head of Gospodarevskaya noted that in case of receipt of new complaints on the quality of gasoline, the Agency will continue checking.

«We are committed to an effective policy of consumer protection. In case of receipt of new complaints on the quality of petroleum products at filling stations inspections will be continued», – said Lapa.

As reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has instructed Gospodarevskaya to analyze the quality of oil products at filling stations across the country. Instruction was given on the basis of the data of the State fiscal service, who testified that the content of gasoline sold at the gas station the fuel is 45% for grade A-95 and 39% for A-92, and everything else is additional chemical elements.

Gospodarevskaya urged consumers, faced with the problem of low-quality motor fuels at filling stations, to handle relevant complaints to the territorial units of the State Inspectorate for protection of consumer rights (one of the services on the basis of which creates Gospodarevskaya).

A third of the gasoline in Ukraine does not meet the standards – Gospodarevskaya 27.02.2016

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