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The Ministry of culture of Ukraine will create the interdepartmental Commission which will deal with the issue of reburials of prominent Ukrainians. This was announced by the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk, informs the website of the Ministry.

The state Committee believe that the situation with the tomb of Alexander Oles can be repeated

«People who have made an exceptional contribution to the development and formation of the Ukrainian state, our history and culture must be properly respected in their native land. With this purpose under the Ministry of culture, on behalf of the Prime Minister, the interdepartmental Commission will be created», – he said.

According to Yevhen Nyshchuk, the creation of such a Commission will give real opportunities to the Ministry of culture to influence the process of commemorating the great Ukrainians.

«It is obvious that its composition should include representatives of the Ministry of justice, because the Commission must consider many legal factors, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, representatives of the Kyiv city state administration, if we consider the question of creating in the capital of the Pantheon of famous Ukrainians», – said the Minister.

«The interagency Commission will include specialists of the Ministry of culture together with the Ukrainian Institute of naramata, because it has comprehensive information on the registration of persons who, for one reason or another, buried abroad,» – said Nyshchuk.

According to him, «the establishment of the Commission will allow to formalize political decision and significantly activated the process of creating the Pantheon of the greatest leaders and heroes of Ukraine».

«It is obvious that the Ukrainian government should take under serious control and guardianship preservation of places of burials is known to his countrymen,» – says the Minister of culture.

Nyshchuk to believe that sooner or later had to decide about determination of the place for the Pantheon of the greatest leaders and heroes of Ukraine, whom the whole world knows, and these functions can take on the interdepartmental Commission.

Regarding the decision with the reburial of the remains of the famous Ukrainian writer Oleksandr Oles (Kandyba), Nishchuk said that the decision would be taken by his descendants in Canada. Funds for the reburial of a writer will provide the government of Ukraine.

As soomlos, January 3, in Prague, according to Czech law, was exhumed the remains of the famous Ukrainian poet Oleksandr Oles at the olšany cemetery. For the place of burial to pay 20 thousand CZK for 10 years. Vladimir Mikhaylishin, who paid the rent for the tomb of Alexander Oles, recently died and he was buried there, where was the tomb of the Ukrainian writer.

According to the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, this year at the olšany cemetery can exhume the remains of playwright Spyridon Cherkasenko, public figure and teacher Arina Ephraim-Burdukovskaya, engineer Alexander Yaroshevsky.

In General, outside of Ukraine are buried more than 250 thousand Ukrainians of military-political emigration, history and culture.

The state Committee believe that the situation with the tomb of Alexander Oles can be repeated

The situation with the tomb of Alexander Oles may be repeated in a similar situation is the tomb of a prominent state and political figure, the first head of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) Eugene Konovalets in Rotterdam. The head of the OUN and the first Deputy Chairman of the state Committee Bohdan Chervak said on Facebook.

«Rent in the local cemetery pays «Strelets community» from Canada. It’s the people in old age. And because of objective reasons can stop payment. And then the remains of Yevhen Konovalets will be outside of the cemetery and non-Ukrainian hands. That can’t happen. Genuinely happy that the Ukrainian authorities attended the ashes of Alexander Oles. But it is necessary to deal with the tomb of the center, especially on the eve of the 100th anniversary of UNR (Ukrainian people’s Republic. — Ed.) one of the founders of which were Konovalets», — he wrote.

Chervak said that the OUN will provide all possible assistance to the center’s ashes returned to Ukraine.

Eugene Konovalets (1891 — 1938) was a Colonel in the army of the Ukrainian national Republic (UNR), President of the Wires of Ukrainian nationalists (1927), the first Chairman of the OUN (1929). He is considered one of the ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism.

A special Commission will be engaged in the reburial of prominent Ukrainians — Nisoc 04.01.2017

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