A Russian fighter jet crashed into the sea near the Syrian coast media

Russian MiG-29 fighter crashed in the Mediterranean sea shortly after takeoff from the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov» near the Syrian coast.

About that Fox News was told by anonymous sources in the American government, transfers «UKRINFORM».

«Three Russian MiG-29 took off from the aircraft carrier the Soviet era «Admiral Kuznetsov», and flew in the direction of Syria. Once in the air, one of the Russian aircraft appeared to be having mechanical difficulties, they turned in the direction of the carrier», — says the publication.

A Russian fighter jet fell into the water, and the Russian rescue helicopter took water from the pilot, who ejected with a parachute. The condition of the pilot, as reported by representatives of U.S. intelligence, remains unknown.

About the crash also said the sources of the magazine Combat Aircraft. Official confirmation of the fall of the Russian fighter is not.

As reported, the group of warships of the Russian Federation in the part of the sole in the Russian armed forces of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov», the nuclear missile cruiser «Peter the Great», which is the world’s largest fighting ship of its class, two anti-submarine ships «Severomorsk» and «Vice-Admiral Kulakov» and escort ships toured the UK and is now heading to Gibraltar.

This is the largest group of Russian warships, which appeared off the coast of Europe with 2014.

October 15 reported that the Royal Navy of great Britain is in a state of high alert.

A Russian fighter jet crashed into the sea near the Syrian coast media 14.11.2016

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